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xmppc - command line interface (CLI) XMPP Client.

xmppc is a XMPP command line interface client. It's written in C and is using the xmpp library libstrophe.

If you are looking for a Text-based user interfaces (TUI) XMPP client, check profanity.



git clone https://codeberg.org/Anoxinon_e.V./xmppc.git
cd xmppc
git checkout 0.1.0


The project is using GNU Automake.

aptitude install libstrophe-dev


xmppc --jid user@domain.tld --pwd "password" --mode roster list
xmppc -j user@domain.tld -p "password" -m roster list
xmppc -j user@domain.tld -p "password" -m roster export
xmppc -j user@domain.tld -p "password" -m message chat friend@domain.tld "Message"
xmppc -j user@domain.tld -p "password" -m pgp chat friend@domain.tld "Message"
xmppc -j user@domain.tld -p "password" -m openpgp signcrypt friend@domain.tld "Message"
xmppc -j user@domain.tld -p "password" -m omemo list
xmppc -j user@domain.tld -p "password" -m monitor stanza
xmppc -a alice -m mam list bob@domain.tld
xmppc -m bookmark list
xmppc -m discovery info domain.tld
xmppc -m discovery item conference.domain.tld

Use xmppc with pass

xmppc --jid user@domain.tld --pwd $(pass XMPP/domain.tld/user) --mode roster list

More commands and more informatione see:Usage.

Contact details

  • MUC: xmpp:xmppc@conference.anoxinon.me?join