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This repository has my configs

Updated 1 minute ago

Web content for Buffnet

Updated 2 minutes ago

objectively coolest rhythm game

Updated 4 minutes ago

my dotfiles

Updated 5 minutes ago

ocr a pdf in the browser with ocrmypdf and tesseract

Updated 7 minutes ago

A TOML 1.0.0 serialization library for Zig

Updated 7 minutes ago

HOME directory dotfiles

Updated 7 minutes ago

Gentoo portage overlay making dependencies optional where possible.

Updated 7 minutes ago

FreeBSD ports tree

Updated 10 minutes ago

Profanity XMPP client with a few modifications

Updated 13 minutes ago

The source code of the cofree website.

Updated 14 minutes ago

A web extension that redirects popular sites to alternative frontends and backends

Updated 18 minutes ago

Fish fillets remake

Updated 19 minutes ago

The main radarini web application. It allows to store contact data of solidarity initiatives and to retrieve them through configurable filters.

Updated 20 minutes ago

Mirror of - Protect your data against global mass surveillance programs.

Updated 23 minutes ago

print TODOs and FIXMEs in your project

Updated 24 minutes ago

FreeBSD source tree

Updated 25 minutes ago

SQL Workbench/J manual

Updated 25 minutes ago

Pride flags for Minetest (fork of sorcerykid's mod)

Updated 29 minutes ago

libre, free and privacy first front-end for YouTube [does not use the offical api]

Updated 31 minutes ago