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A project to build a synthesizer based on STM32 and MIDI

Updated 2 minutes ago

My NixOS Configuration.

Updated 4 minutes ago

Python bot for cross-posting reddit posts to Mastodon.

Updated 6 minutes ago

Tunnels'n'Tabarnak! You can't copyright the rules of a game.

Updated 10 minutes ago

Opinionated make library providing a containerized toolchain and helpers for determinism and batteries-included workflows on most any git project.

Updated 11 minutes ago

Web content for Buffnet

Updated 11 minutes ago

FreeBSD source tree

Updated 12 minutes ago

FreeBSD ports tree

Updated 12 minutes ago

FreeBSD documentation tree

Updated 18 minutes ago

A simple and easy to use Todo app complete with Material 3 design and support for its dynamic colors as well as Nextcloud integration!

Updated 21 minutes ago

C++ Version of How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

Updated 21 minutes ago

When learning new stuff about Python or some 3rd party Python library I add some note for later reference here.

Updated 28 minutes ago

Cookiecutter for data-centric python projects.

Updated 29 minutes ago

Personal website

Updated 31 minutes ago

Deployment and configuration of my homelab

Updated 33 minutes ago

Helm chart for forgejo

Updated 34 minutes ago