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SVG-based interactive graph dataset editor

Updated 2 minutes ago

Single header utility libraries for C

Updated 3 minutes ago

FreeBSD ports tree

Updated 5 minutes ago

FreeBSD source tree

Updated 20 minutes ago

A free/libre fast-paced arcade collection of mini-games.

Updated 20 minutes ago

These are my dots.

Updated 25 minutes ago

Web content for Buffnet

Updated 27 minutes ago

A Sudoku game written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Updated 29 minutes ago

An easy Sudoku game written in Python.

Updated 33 minutes ago

Public CA Certificates for GamePlayer Tor Services.

Updated 36 minutes ago

zsh config file

Updated 49 minutes ago

public domain communications server - ActivityPub and Nomad (the underground fediverse)

Updated 51 minutes ago

A library for arduino ide that uses psuedo derivative feedback instead of PID

Updated 51 minutes ago

My landingpage lol

Updated 55 minutes ago

This repo containes the sceleton for my selfhosted infrastructure.

Updated 59 minutes ago

My personal website

Updated 1 hour ago