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[MIRROR] Data for the main F-Droid repository at,

Updated 2 minutes ago


Updated 2 minutes ago

A Uxn-based VM for the Nintendo Entertainment System

Updated 4 minutes ago

FreeBSD ports tree

Updated 4 minutes ago

my website source code

Updated 7 minutes ago

Rendered static files from

Updated 7 minutes ago

My dotfiles for Arch {bspwm, hyprland}

Updated 9 minutes ago

Web content for Buffnet

Updated 12 minutes ago

Notes / installers / image builders for G-refracta (linux distro, unfinished)

Updated 22 minutes ago

My effort to learn a new programming language! I'm starting with languages I know and slowly branching out in to ones that I don't. One directory per problem, pulled from various sources.

Updated 25 minutes ago

Process Broadband Solar Observations

Updated 36 minutes ago

omap image builder

Updated 41 minutes ago

Making BBB overlays easier

Updated 43 minutes ago

a yet-to-be-named tui-based walking sim

Updated 46 minutes ago

My personal pages

Updated 48 minutes ago

My Neovim Config

Updated 49 minutes ago

My configuration files for UNIX/Linux systems.

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