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Android/iOS dev project.

Updated 5 hours ago

Template engine with templates that only have named placeholders – nothing more!

Updated 6 hours ago

Vergleich der Privatsphäre verschiedener E-Mail-Anbieter

Updated 8 hours ago

Example Toolkit for AccurateRip Checksums and Ids

Updated 10 hours ago

My NixOS dotfiles repo

Updated 11 hours ago

The Rust UI-Toolkit

Updated 12 hours ago

Rust crate to implement at least parts of the PBRT book's C++ code. See also ...

Updated 15 hours ago

Updated 16 hours ago

Open source Emojis

Updated 20 hours ago

Extensible open source phishing incident response automation

Updated 1 day ago

Updated 1 day ago

Modern chat software

Updated 1 day ago

A library with audio decoder and TOC parser adapters for libarcstk

Updated 1 day ago

Library to calculate and verify AccurateRip checksums and ids

Updated 1 day ago

Config files of the spootle prosody server.

Updated 1 day ago

this repo was moved.

Updated 1 day ago

Pi-Hole optimized ad, tracking and malware blocklist.

Updated 1 day ago

Run your own internet services

Updated 1 day ago

Compilation of public failure/horror stories related to Kubernetes

Updated 2 days ago