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This repo containes the sceleton for my selfhosted infrastructure.

Updated 3 minutes ago

The website of the guild for MapleStory odd-jobbers.

Updated 8 minutes ago

A Fire-and-Rescue-themed Real Time Strategy Game (Work-in-Progress)

Updated 10 minutes ago

Updated 10 minutes ago

Emacs Lisp 0 0

This is my attempt to put together my own emacs config.

Updated 15 minutes ago

a radical and experimental distribution based on musl libc and busybox

Updated 15 minutes ago

A helper for using and working with CurtainOS

Updated 25 minutes ago

Curso Básico de Programação do Bash

Updated 26 minutes ago

Personal collection of useful Nix related things

Updated 28 minutes ago

the new wallpaper repository

Updated 28 minutes ago

Emacs Lisp 0 0

Work with Translation Memories (XLF and TMX files) in Emacs.

Updated 28 minutes ago

FreeBSD ports tree

Updated 29 minutes ago

Shell 0 0

the new dotfiles

Updated 35 minutes ago

2d multiplayer game engine server

Updated 40 minutes ago

Simple vector impl in C

Updated 41 minutes ago

GDScript 39 4

A Libre Multiplayer FPS Game built with Godot 4 engine and a fully open-source toolchain

Updated 47 minutes ago

SLUL will be a safe, lightweight, usable and module-oriented programming language. It is in a very early development stage.

Updated 56 minutes ago

blocklist against social media, news, entertainment & consumerism

Updated 57 minutes ago

Smart Development Scripts

Updated 1 hour ago