Arne-Brün Vogelsang Arne

A fork of the movim ( ) android app with some improvements for the monocles instance

Updated 2 hours ago

The monocles chat. A secure chat client based on and Conversations for Android with a focus on more privacy but also usability.
This chat client is optimized for the monocles server's setting to gain more security.

Updated 14 hours ago

E-Mail app for Android optimized for monocles e-mail accounts but also for others

Updated 2 days ago

Starting with the monocles android launcher

Updated 5 days ago

updated movim android app for f-droid

Updated 2 months ago

First release of the monocles browser. A open source privacy respecting android browser. Based on the privacy browser by Soren Stoutner. (Thanks for your great work)

Updated 3 months ago