Fast setup wireguard server script, with dnscrypt and adblocking, maleware blocking, more blocking if you need. Use case eg. always on vpn and adblocking on ios or android, and be more secured in unknown networks.
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Wireguard-DNScrypt-VPN-Server x86 / arm64

Version 2022.05.06

major changes :

  • add support for ubuntu 22.04
  • all other things i forgot :)

**Setup Wireguard VPN Server fast and easy - with **

  • DNScrypt with anonymized_dns / DNSSEC (unbound)
  • Ad-, Maleware-, ..., Blocking
  • 3 config files for your clients
  • add or remove clients with /
  • backup, restore and unistall options

How to install :

  • Use a fresh / clean and up to date server os debian or ubuntu
  • Copy the lines for your system below, and run it and follow the instructions
  • My script need to installed -> repository
    • if not installed, will downloaded for you, just follow the instructions.

Server x86 - Debian 11 and Ubuntu 20.04 / 22.04 :
wget -O
chmod +x

@ the end you see the QR Code for your wiregaurd app.

Server arm64 - Ubuntu 20.04 (status: not finished) :
Click to expand!
(testing on a pi 4 on my home network)

is currently in maintenance - comming back in a few .....? - 


How to add or remove clients :

run ./ or ./

How to backup or restore settings :

run ./ or ./