Benachrichtige Nutzer über bevorstehende Veranstaltungen
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⚠️ Use at own risk ⚠️

Docker Pulls

ICS Notifier

Notify users via Email or Telegram (at the moment the only options) about upcoming events. Configuration is done via Environment variables to allow easy deployment via docker (and docker-compose).

Further notifiers can be added via pull-request. See notifier/telegram.go as example and add the notifier to the notifier/provider.go.

I tested the Notifier only with Nextcloud Calendar. Use the URL with ?export at the end to get the ics file as a result. Should work with every link to an ics-file.


Environment Requiered Description
CAL_URL yes The URL to load the ics-file from.
CAL_USER no Basic auth username to access the CAL_URL. Basic Auth is only enabled when username is specified.
CAL_PASS no Basic auth password to access the CAL_URL.
EVENT_OFFSET no Numeric value to specify the number of hours, for offsetting the timeframe from the time of executation. Defaults to 12
EVENT_INTERVAL no Numeric value to specify timeframe width in minutes to search in. Defaults to 15
UPDATE_INTERVAL no Numeric value to specify the time between two lookups in minutes. Defaults to EVENT_INTERVAL / 2 in the interval [1,30]
MAIL_ENABLED no To enable mail notifications set to 1 or true. If not set the other vars are not required.
MAIL_PORT no Defaults to 25
MAIL_TLS no To enable TLS encryption set to 1 or true.
MAIL_FROM yes specify the sender adress
MAIL_TO yes receivers for notifications, can be multiple: list with ',' seperating mails without spaces
TG_ENABLED no Set to 1 or true to enable telegram notification. If not set the other vars are not requiered.
TG_TOKEN yes Telegram Bot Token, can be acquired via @Botfather
TG_CHAT yes Chat-ID of the targetchat. Help:
MONK_ENABLED yes To enable listmonk notifications set to 1 or true. If not set the other vars are not required.
MONK_USER yes Listmonk Username
MONK_USER yes Listmonk Password
MONK_URL yes BaseURL of your Listmonk instance
MONK_LISTS yes commasep ids for listmonk lists

For persistent storage, map the /storage folder from the container to the local file system. This will preserve the notified users when recreating the container.