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  Phillipp Engelke 647c760727
Create LICENSE 5 months ago
  Unknown 4d0eb68d92 fix tables 7 months ago
  Unknown 145b62c8f6 fix dockerfile 8 months ago
  Unknown 617baccfbf Add delete Button 8 months ago
  Unknown 9d84c0039d Fix Firefox Theme issue 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt ec696d3d01 Fix account key being "undefined" when logging in from courses page 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt 4e27e0e2af Zeilenumbrüche repariert und Icons entfernt 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt d26e324e4c Add fix point number setting, various UI fixes 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt 5ec6b5b3c8 Fix remembering account keys and UI 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt 4065f94e29 Add "remember" feature 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt 373e5da302 Make footer smaller on mobile 1 year ago
  Phillipp Engelke 5d9411a24e Add Handler for deleting Course 1 year ago
  Phillipp Engelke 5ee199b394 Add milligram css map to fix warnings 1 year ago
  Phillipp Engelke 7754600fe5 Undo 430d10edbf changes in Task 1 year ago
  Phillipp Engelke 6c00f901cb Fix loading css from static folder 1 year ago
  Phillipp Engelke 993f8d345f
Add Dev Server Webhook to drone.yml 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt e017c09abb Only deploy to webhook on master branch 1 year ago
  Phillipp Engelke 430d10edbf load css from local 1 year ago
  Phillipp Engelke 12dfa26aa4
Update .drone.yml 1 year ago
  Phillipp Engelke 2f2c6ae1df
Update .drone.yml 1 year ago
  Phillipp Engelke 5aab590538
Update .drone.yml 1 year ago
  Phillipp Engelke fbff731e2c
Update .drone.yml 1 year ago
  Unknown cddb4f1a54 Load CSS from local 1 year ago
  Unknown 0f108fd168 Fix set Presentations and Percentage Backend 1 year ago
  Unknown 57767ac7fb fix Database Error 1 year ago
  Phillipp Engelke 196927e11c
Merge pull request #13 from zottelchin/feature-Course-Settings 1 year ago
  Unknown 73c73d9287 backend: division by zero fix 1 year ago
  Unknown 8904cc1375 Catch Null cells and update animation 1 year ago
  Unknown 6a4ff287ac Show Percentage on Home Screen 1 year ago
  Unknown 06c1c1cf6d Updated API doc 1 year ago
  Unknown 575b94c8b2 Change to Rest endpoints for Pres/Perc API 1 year ago
  Unknown 214e0e3753 Adding Backend for Course Settings 1 year ago
  Unknown 964a8940d0 Adding Settingsmenu for course 1 year ago
  Unknown 31e083799c Page shows coursename 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt d88e51a6d2 Combine points and max points columns 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt 0502d99585 Make footer responsive 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt 15ef2c9dd8 Fix documentation 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt 3723fbb5dd Don't let the CI deploy branches or pull requests 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt eefb54e8be
Merge pull request #11 from zottelchin/feature-rest 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt 53d2942914
Merge branch 'master' into feature-rest 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt 9fb5384318 Improve Go code structure, consistent naming, neat REST endpoints 1 year ago
  Unknown 9939a4531b set favicon 1 year ago
  Unknown 9e58de809f Submit Form with Enter 1 year ago
  Unknown 7189a290b7 improved footer on mobile 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt 0718f1212a Fix calculations 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt 0241e463a5 Add CORS back for development mode, add ability for editing tasks 1 year ago
  Unknown a86e45f023 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 1 year ago
  Unknown e09a865c48 Added Footer and Impressum 1 year ago
  Moritz Marquardt 52376e33d1 Fix .run 1 year ago
  Phillipp Engelke 6e4d91084d
Update README.md 1 year ago