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Mike Macgirvin 3a057d4d16 display issue with likes 5 months ago
.homeinstall Added a few lines in the home install setup script for Roadhouse 2 years ago
.openshift store/[data] => cache 3 years ago
Zotlabs display issue with likes 5 months ago
app roles app 11 months ago
doc update apps doco 11 months ago
images icons 1 year ago
include fixes from downstream 6 months ago
install migration stuff 9 months ago
library update certs 1 year ago
spec Update repository links to point to codeberg. Framagit can still be used for as long as the server keeps running. 2 years ago
tests psr12 rewrites, continued 1 year ago
util pushing recent updates 10 months ago
view backport ajax page loading for sites module 9 months ago
.gitattributes Required for github/Windows 11 years ago
.gitignore remove external composer packages 11 months ago
.htaccess Change main router request variable from 'q' to 'req'. This is necessary to implement search in the twitter api addon, because twitter requires use of the variable 'q'. 4 years ago
.travis.yml 👷Extend Travis, add PostgreSQL10. 5 years ago
DEVELOPERS update DEVELOPERS with info about PSR-12 migration. 1 year ago add generator property to site actor record, update 1 year ago
LICENSE update federation and license 2 years ago Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 1 year ago
ServiceWorker.js psr12 updates 1 year ago
boot.php remove reference to abook_their_perms 9 months ago
composer.json use symfony/uid 11 months ago
composer.lock use symfony/uid 11 months ago
index.php initial psr12 conversion 1 year ago
version.php display issue with likes 5 months ago


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