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nobody c1a3e42479 Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 11 hours ago
.homeinstall Added a few lines in the home install setup script for Roadhouse 4 months ago
.openshift store/[data] => cache 1 year ago
Zotlabs Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 11 hours ago
app some preliminary work on threaded comments refactor, bring back poke app. 6 days ago
doc remove caldav appp from app list in docs 3 weeks ago
images update rh icons 3 months ago
include Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 11 hours ago
install Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 4 days ago
library update justifiedGallery 2 months ago
spec Update repository links to point to codeberg. Framagit can still be used for as long as the server keeps running. 1 year ago
tests scripted replace of 'array()' with '[]' 5 months ago
util more consistent text 11 hours ago
vendor composer update 2 months ago
view Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 3 days ago
.gitattributes Required for github/Windows 9 years ago
.gitignore add .htstartup.php to .gitignore 9 months ago
.htaccess Change main router request variable from 'q' to 'req'. This is necessary to implement search in the twitter api addon, because twitter requires use of the variable 'q'. 3 years ago
.travis.yml 👷Extend Travis, add PostgreSQL10. 3 years ago
DEVELOPERS developer certificate of origin 4 years ago use 'Ignore' for unfollowing threads instead of 'Unfollow' which isn't specified in the ActivityStreams vocabulary. This is low impact since these activities do not federate. Updates to previously unfollowed threads may show up after this change and may require unfollowing again since existing activities were not modified. 3 months ago
LICENSE update federation and license 1 year ago Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 1 month ago
boot.php Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 11 hours ago
composer.json package updates 2 months ago
composer.lock composer update 2 months ago
index.php config updates 3 years ago


A fediverse server.