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nobody b2556861f1 rename plugin.php to addon.php 1 year ago
choklet.php deprecate $a->get_baseurl() 6 years ago
default.php fix some issues with latest notification improvements 3 years ago
full.php updates justified gallery lib to version 3.7 and minor fixes for full template 4 years ago
minimal.php deprecate $a->get_baseurl() 6 years ago
mod_setup.php some love for the installer 5 years ago
none.php provide a page template "none" which lets a webpage take over the entire page. Everything. The application is essentially bypassed. You'll need doctype and html and head and body tags in your content as none of them are supplied. There are no page regions. Nada. We should probably restrict this to those who have code exec in their account_roles but other folks won't be able to do very much useful with it anyway as their HTML is filtered. 8 years ago
redable.php deprecate $a->get_baseurl() 6 years ago
theme_init.php rename plugin.php to addon.php 1 year ago
zen.php Facebook scraper "OpenGraph" support; modules will need to set the required fields (type, image, url) as well as any desired optional or type specific fields. We will set the title during pagebuild. 6 years ago