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nobody b73d84a946 notification and update issues 2 months ago
acl.js add groups to the quick select part of the acl selector 1 year ago
ajaxupload.js pass the original element title through the element stack so that it we don't lose it in the ajaxuploader. 8 years ago
autocomplete.js use browser location if the location is "." 2 years ago
crypto.js remove option for legacy e2ee support so that we can make it extensible 1 year ago
icon_translate.js update icon names in view/js 6 years ago
jquery.htmlstream.js move js files from core 8 years ago
jquery.js jquery update 2 years ago
jquery.migrate-3.0.0.js add jquery migrate for version 3 6 years ago
jquery.textinputs.js move js files from core 8 years ago
main.js notification and update issues 2 months ago
mod_admin.js Warn about unsaved settings using jquery.areyousure 7 years ago
mod_articles.js article feature 4 years ago
mod_cal.js only use height: auto for week and day view 6 years ago
mod_cards.js add editor autocompleters on cards page 4 years ago
mod_cdav.js calendar fixes 3 years ago
mod_chanview.js profile viewer in iframe module, todo - magic auth 9 years ago
mod_chat.js update icon names in view/js 6 years ago
mod_cloud.js reduce assumption of default php upload limit to 2M 3 years ago
mod_connections.js fix follow autocomplete 2 years ago
mod_connedit.js fix some regressions with permission roles 4 years ago
mod_defperms.js fix some regressions with permission roles 4 years ago
mod_directory.js more html5 br conversions 2 years ago
mod_display.js script html tags in js file 4 years ago
mod_events.js ditch the change_view widget and make header fixed in fullscreen mode 6 years ago
mod_filestorage.js multi acl: port /cloud and /filestorage 6 years ago
mod_help.js bug fixes 3 years ago
mod_hq.js allow an optional notify_id arg for liveUpdate() 4 years ago
mod_mail.js when calling timeago() from mod_mail.js it is called before the translations are applied - move the call to main.js and be more specific with the selector to not trigger calls for other modules (eg network) which is handled elsewhere to not be to much of an performance hog (to many dates at a time) 4 years ago
mod_new_channel.js new_channel - make text strings translatable and use the name as a base for the nick if you try to create without entering a nick 4 years ago
mod_photos.js enable autocomplete when editing status posts attached to photos 7 months ago
mod_poke.js get rid of the unnecessary blank space after mail recipient completion 6 years ago
mod_profiles.js more work on profile vcards - still a lot of work to go 5 years ago
mod_pubstream.js hubzilla issue #896 4 years ago
mod_ratings.js collapse overly-verbose ratings 7 years ago
mod_register.js bring back registration form validation 5 months ago
mod_rpost.js Always open rpost editor on document ready 6 years ago
mod_settings.js Notifications API backend. Still needs cache/filter before enabling. 4 months ago
mod_sources.js Add autosubmit feature to textcomplete based autocompleter 7 years ago
mod_stream.js network -> stream 2 years ago
mod_superblock.php provide manual entry mechanism for superblock 1 year ago
mod_webpages.js Import element selection page added to allow selective importing. 6 years ago
ratings.js Some JavaScript cleanups. 7 years ago
webtoolkit.base64.js move js files from core 8 years ago