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// Set the following for your MySQL installation
// Copy or rename this file to .htconfig.php
$db_host = '{{$dbhost}}';
$db_port = '{{$dbport}}';
$db_user = '{{$dbuser}}';
$db_pass = '{{$dbpass}}';
$db_data = '{{$dbdata}}';
$db_type = '{{$dbtype}}'; // an integer. 0 or unset for mysql, 1 for postgres
* Notice: Many of the following settings will be available in the admin panel
* after a successful site install. Once they are set in the admin panel, they
* are stored in the DB - and the DB setting will over-ride any corresponding
* setting in this file
* The command-line tool util/config is able to query and set the DB items
* directly if for some reason the admin panel is not available and a system
* setting requires modification.
// Choose a legal default timezone. If you are unsure, use "America/Los_Angeles".
// It can be changed later and only applies to timestamps for anonymous viewers.
App::$config['system']['timezone'] = '{{$timezone}}';
// What is your site name?
App::$config['system']['baseurl'] = '{{$siteurl}}';
App::$config['system']['sitename'] = "Hubzilla";
App::$config['system']['location_hash'] = '{{$site_id}}';
// These lines set additional security headers to be sent with all responses
// You may wish to set transport_security_header to 0 if your server already sends
// this header. content_security_policy may need to be disabled if you wish to
// run the piwik analytics plugin or include other offsite resources on a page
App::$config['system']['transport_security_header'] = 1;
App::$config['system']['content_security_policy'] = 1;
// Be certain to create your own personal account before setting
// REGISTER_CLOSED. 'register_text' (if set) will be displayed prominently on
// the registration page. REGISTER_APPROVE requires you set 'admin_email'
// to the email address of an already registered person who can authorise
// and/or approve/deny the request.
App::$config['system']['register_policy'] = REGISTER_OPEN;
App::$config['system']['register_text'] = '';
App::$config['system']['admin_email'] = '{{$adminmail}}';
// Maximum size of an imported message, 0 is unlimited
App::$config['system']['max_import_size'] = 200000;
// maximum size of uploaded photos
App::$config['system']['maximagesize'] = 8000000;
// Location of PHP command line processor
App::$config['system']['php_path'] = '{{$phpath}}';
// Configure how we communicate with directory servers.
// DIRECTORY_MODE_NORMAL = directory client, we will find a directory
// DIRECTORY_MODE_SECONDARY = caching directory or mirror
// DIRECTORY_MODE_PRIMARY = main directory server
// DIRECTORY_MODE_STANDALONE = "off the grid" or private directory services
App::$config['system']['directory_mode'] = DIRECTORY_MODE_NORMAL;
// default system theme
App::$config['system']['theme'] = 'redbasic';