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nobody c9b4642039 update certs 2 months ago
bootbox move bootbox out of bootstrap 7 years ago
bootstrap-colorpicker Well, if you want to add a color picker it is indeed a good idea 8 years ago
bootstrap-tagsinput Add bootstrap-tagsinput library 7 years ago
certs update certs 2 months ago
colorbox bring some styling back to the colorbox and improve the event preview ability 7 years ago
cropperjs undo and redo adding new cropper library as it had a .git config from the original project 4 years ago
datetimepicker update datetimepicker and fix it for finish date 6 years ago
epub-meta thumbnail generator for epubs 4 years ago
foundation patch foundation-6.2.3 to work with jquery-3.1 5 years ago
fullcalendar port calendar merge from hz 3 years ago
fullcalendar.old port calendar merge from hz 3 years ago
imagesloaded tryout: introduce loading of images before rendering content and provide some detailed logging in js-console 6 years ago
jRange make jRange behave again 7 years ago
jgrowl upgrade jgrowl 3 years ago
jquery.AreYouSure Warn about unsaved settings using jquery.areyousure 7 years ago
jquery.i18n add jquery.i18n for client side translations 9 years ago
jquery_ac get rid of spinner.js in use a lightweight css spinner instead 4 years ago
jsonld sql error 3 years ago
justifiedGallery update justifiedGallery 6 months ago
moment update moment.js to version 2.13 6 years ago
php-id3 move php-id3 and text_languagedetect from composer (/vendor) back to /library because their autoloaders are no longer supported in composer and no longer work in some distros. The packages themselves are unmaintained and it is unlikely they will be fixed upstream. This leaves HTMLPurifier to be fixed - which is in progress and should happen in the next several days. 1 year ago
readmore.js another fix to readmore.js and update patch file 5 years ago
sjcl b2be 1 year ago
sprintf.js Add sprintf.js v1.0.2. 7 years ago
sticky-kit fix some issues with sticky-kit 4 years ago
swipe testing menu swipe - not yet usable 2 years ago
tableofcontents Changed bb code [toc] to make it more flexible 7 years ago
text_languagedetect php8 compatbility issue with languagedetect library (curly braces as string index) 9 months ago
textcomplete upgrade to textcomplete (jquery.textcomplete is discontinued), enable built-in cache and unify to start lookup after 3 characters 4 years ago
tiptip Merge branch 'master' of 10 years ago
OAuth1.php Change main router request variable from 'q' to 'req'. This is necessary to implement search in the twitter api addon, because twitter requires use of the variable 'q'. 3 years ago
cacert.pem update certs 2 months ago
jquery.timeago.js update jquery.timeago lib 3 years ago