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nobody 875cd9f1b7 Merge branch 'dev' of ../p3 into dev 3 weeks ago
dba scripted replace of 'array()' with '[]' 9 months ago
account.php misty issue 4 - admin option exists to enable invite_only mode, but the invite app was deprecated until it could be fixed. So remove the admin option until the app is reinstated. 6 months ago
acl_selectors.php zap issue #55 1 month ago
addon.php finish removal of deprecated server_role and sitelist 6 months ago
api.php update 8 months ago
api_auth.php more php8 9 months ago
api_zot.php some oauth work necessary for AP C2S. This appears to be heading down the path of favouritism towards oauth2 and deprecating openid connect. In theory we should be able to support both, but the underlying library isn't quite as flexible as hoped and appears to favour one or the other without involving multiple installations. 8 months ago
attach.php version 3 months ago
auth.php implement sudo 2 years ago
bbcode.php groupoll: set source mediaType so that we don't purify the various sharing classes out of the html 2 months ago
channel.php upstream fixes to channel delete syncing, more command completion work for nomad-shell 2 months ago
cli_startup.php cleanup 3 years ago
config.php server/hub config storage for zot6 4 years ago
connections.php issues with removing items from removed connections 4 weeks ago
conversation.php wordsmithing 1 month ago
datetime.php scripted replace of 'array()' with '[]' 9 months ago
event.php add uploaded photos as attachments as well as inline 7 months ago
features.php re-enable 'supress_duplicates' 5 months ago
feedutils.php treat svg's as dangerous in filebrowser, cleanup atom validation, provide extra logging around the precise reason for allowed posts 4 months ago
help.php scripted replace of 'array()' with '[]' 9 months ago
html2bbcode.php scripted replace of 'array()' with '[]' 9 months ago
html2plain.php scripted replace of 'array()' with '[]' 9 months ago
hubloc.php cleanup 8 months ago
import.php Merge branch 'dev' of ../p3 into dev 1 month ago
items.php Merge branch 'dev' of ../p3 into dev 3 weeks ago
js_strings.php Notifications API backend. Still needs cache/filter before enabling. 3 months ago
language.php scripted replace of 'array()' with '[]' 9 months ago
menu.php scripted replace of 'array()' with '[]' 9 months ago
nav.php only include the ability to switch to the sys channel if the logged in user is admin 3 months ago
network.php group tests 3 months ago
oauth.php cleanup 3 years ago
oembed.php more dom stuff because the official doco on is wrong 9 months ago
perm_upgrade.php provide default photo mimetype 4 years ago
permissions.php atoken_abook() probably not needed any more since atoken entries are now added to abook automatically 8 months ago
photo_factory.php zap issue 52 1 month ago
photos.php zap issue 52 1 month ago
security.php Merge branch 'dev' into sitechan 3 months ago
sharedwithme.php the rest of the schema updates - WARNING: some third party plugins may fail; e.g. embedphotos and chess. $item['object'] is now $item['obj'] and $photo['type'] is $photo['mimetype'], $photo['scale'] is $photo['imgscale'] and $photo['data'] is now $photo['content']. There are a number of other changes, but these are the ones noted to cause issues with third-party plugins. The project plugins have been updated. Please note any new issues as this effort touched a lot of code in a lot of files. 6 years ago
socgraph.php suggestions: combine scores for social distance and keyword matches 3 months ago
statistics_fns.php miscellaneous fixes, unset project icon, onepoll feed failure 3 years ago
system_unavailable.php doc updates 9 months ago
taxonomy.php consolidate public stream source configuration 2 months ago
text.php zap issue #55 1 month ago
xchan.php defer updates if comments in progress 3 months ago
zid.php updates 6 months ago