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nobody f70a2755ca syntax 3 weeks ago
Access bring back 'post_mail' permission, but remove PERMS_NETWORK as an option as it is ambiguous in Zap and derivatives 5 months ago
Daemon Only import at most 20 posts from new connections. Was 100. 4 weeks ago
Extend cleanup + strings 2 years ago
Identity some oauth work necessary for AP C2S. This appears to be heading down the path of favouritism towards oauth2 and deprecating openid connect. In theory we should be able to support both, but the underlying library isn't quite as flexible as hoped and appears to favour one or the other without involving multiple installations. 8 months ago
Import import friendica lists/groups; probe for zot6 on activitypub actor_store to ensure it happens at all 9 months ago
Lib syntax 3 weeks ago
Module syntax 3 weeks ago
Photo more work on topfetch and provide an animated avatar preference 1 year ago
Render scripted replace of 'array()' with '[]' 9 months ago
Storage change default cloud siteroot config, zap issue 46 2 months ago
Text rewrites - also remove legacy procedural module interface 2 years ago
Thumbs move php-id3 and text_languagedetect from composer (/vendor) back to /library because their autoloaders are no longer supported in composer and no longer work in some distros. The packages themselves are unmaintained and it is unlikely they will be fixed upstream. This leaves HTMLPurifier to be fixed - which is in progress and should happen in the next several days. 1 year ago
Update implement reshare notifications and fix "unable to preserve categories in edited posts" 3 weeks ago
Web typo in function name 2 months ago
Widget change default value of system.open_pubstream to closed 2 months ago
Zot6 sql issue in zot6handler 6 months ago