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nobody 2a39590048 Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/o2/../z/extend/addon/a into dev 5 months ago
abc add abc 2 years ago
content_import content_import: enable hubzilla->zap compatibility mode 1 year ago
dreamhost make pcre_jit setting specific to dreamhost addon 2 years ago
faces face recognition stopped working after new install of server 1 year ago
flashcards disable file_activity until it is fixed 1 year ago
followlist addon/followlist: support Mastodon CSV files 2 years ago
fuzzloc port fuzzloc, cleanup randplace 1 year ago
gallery fix gallery with group top-level posts (explodes the profile photo to a huge size in the headline region) 8 months ago
hexit namespaces and whitspaces 4 years ago
ldapauth version 2 years ago
logrot allow logrot file sizes to use engineering units 4 years ago
nsfw nsfw collapse_all is broken after all the thread collapsing work (which radically changed the way posts are collapsed). Disable the option until I can figure out how to bring it back 2 years ago
opensearch port opensearch 2 years ago
openstreetmap generate randplace addon from updated "Creating Addons" doco, and fix openstreetmap (missing nomserver) so that it works as designed with randplace 1 year ago
phpmailer Fix USE 2 years ago
qrator details 1 year ago
queueworker port queueworker addon from hz 1 year ago
rainbowtag rainbowtag added 3 years ago
randplace update plugin doco 5 months ago
statistics updates 1 year ago
std_embeds uninteresting change 4 years ago
stream_order superblock to core 2 years ago
sudo sudo addon 2 years ago
twitter_api twitter api - remove include/api.php from this file. It will be included by mod_api 10 months ago
zotpost rev update 2 years ago
.gitignore Typo 9 years ago
LICENSE branding 2 years ago
version.php update plugin doco 5 months ago