Mistpark 2020
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nobody c7b316a207 Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 2 days ago
.homeinstall Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 1 month ago
.openshift store/[data] => cache 7 months ago
Zotlabs Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 2 days ago
app tagadelic app 2 days ago
doc Send "powered by" link to siteinfo by default. Also create group documentation page. 1 year ago
images update icons 3 weeks ago
include more work on topfetch and provide an animated avatar preference 2 days ago
install Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 5 days ago
library b2be 2 months ago
spec Update repository links to point to codeberg. Framagit can still be used for as long as the server keeps running. 3 months ago
tests move php-id3 and text_languagedetect from composer (/vendor) back to /library because their autoloaders are no longer supported in composer and no longer work in some distros. The packages themselves are unmaintained and it is unlikely they will be fixed upstream. This leaves HTMLPurifier to be fixed - which is in progress and should happen in the next several days. 4 months ago
util version, add debug to daemon_convo to find out why it isn't working correctly in some cases 3 days ago
vendor update blueimp 4 weeks ago
view tagadelic app 2 days ago
.gitattributes Required for github/Windows 8 years ago
.gitignore add .htstartup.php to .gitignore 4 days ago
.htaccess Change main router request variable from 'q' to 'req'. This is necessary to implement search in the twitter api addon, because twitter requires use of the variable 'q'. 2 years ago
.travis.yml 👷Extend Travis, add PostgreSQL10. 2 years ago
DEVELOPERS developer certificate of origin 3 years ago
FEDERATION.md branding 2 months ago
LICENSE update federation and license 2 months ago
README.md branding 2 months ago
boot.php Merge branch 'dev' of /home/macgirvin/z into dev 2 days ago
composer.json update blueimp 4 weeks ago
composer.lock update blueimp 4 weeks ago
index.php config updates 1 year ago



(aka ‘misty’)

A fediverse server.