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It's broken on nixos-unstable.
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yvt does dotfiles

First, install Nix if not installed yet:

curl | sh

(See this comment for how to install Nix on macOS Catalina.)

Secondly, install Home Manager by following the instructions on the website.

And finally do the following:

git clone .dotfiles
cd .dotfiles
ln -s `pwd` ~/.config/home-manager
nix-shell '<home-manager>' -A install

Private directory

Depending on a threat model, religious belief, and suchlike, you might prefer to keep some stuff out of the public eye, such as local network addresses and private server addresses. To accommodate such needs, this dotfiles automatically imports .dotfiles/private/home.nix if the file is present. Clone your own private dotfiles respository in private. private-example shows an example.

Local directory

Place host-local configuration files in local. See local-example for an example.

It's recommended to define home.{stateVersion,username,homeDirectory} (required starting from Home Manager release 22.11) in local/home.nix.