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[FORK] How to Contribute to Codeberg? The place to get started, learn about our projects, and get in touch with our maintainers.
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Table of Contents


Overview of Codeberg Projects and their status. This is the place to get involved with Codeberg: Help in mostly every domain is appreciated.

How projects at Codeberg work

Codeberg has a small core team that takes care of the daily operations: We ensure that the servers keep running and that nothing breaks overnight. But to make make Codeberg a nice and comfy place, we need your helping hand!

Projects at Codeberg are usually moving independent of each other, giving them maximum flexibility under the umbrella of Codeberg. This also means: If you feel like one project is not working the way you want, it probably means that there are a bunch of individuals responsible for this part, and they could probably benefit from some increased support. Please try to discuss the matter with them.

Projects are started once a few people group together and want to start it. They might see that it is urgently needed, or they want to experiment a little and have a learning opportunity.

Get Involved

In order to get involved, you can either

  • join an existing project
  • propose a new project in the Project Tracker and motivate others to join you

The coordination happens in the Project Tracker. Creating an issue is never a bad idea!

If you feel stuck, need elevated permissions to some place, or require computing resources to work on your project, you can expect the help from our project coordinators.

The best place to ask questions or have a discussion around Codeberg Projects and Contributing in general is the Contributing to Codeberg Matrix Channel.

Project overview

Below, you can find the existing projects at Codeberg.

Active Software Projects

Name Looking for help? Contact Stack Comment
Forgejo Always welcome #forgejo-development:matrix.org Go, CSS, JavaScript
Codeberg Pages Yes! #gitea-pages-server:matrix.org Go Looking for a challenge? Help us tackle stability issues!

Software projects looking for new spirit

These projects have been started, but are currently either unmaintained, or the maintainers cannot keep up with the work.

If you can, consider getting involved here.

Name Status Contact Stack Comment
Moderation / Administration Systems Planned, but work stalled @fnetx Go, TypeScript Outstanding strategic discussions how to continue with Forge federation
Registration Server Ongoing work for deployment of a huge refactoring. Issue Tracker, @momar, @f0sh Go, HTML Please check the hackathon branch

Community Projects

These projects do not necessarily require coding experience, but benefit from other things like community management, writing or Public Relations Experience.

Name Status Contact Skills Comment
Documentation help welcome Issue Tracker, #codeberg-documentation:matrix.org at Matrix Writing, Spellchecking or JavaScript / Static Site Generators
Community Issue Tracker Maintenance More help welcome Issue Tracker or Contributing to Codeberg Matrix Channel nothing special Maintaining the public issue tracker and forwarding reports as appropriate.
Event Calendar Needs more events Contributing to Codeberg Matrix Channel Organizing We are looking for people to organize regular (monthly / bi-weekly) meetings
Matrix Spaces ok @6543, @Bubu nothing special Moderation and Maintenance of Channels

Infrastructure Projects

Some of these require certain access levels to Codeberg's infrastructure. If you are interested and commit a certain amount of time, this can surely be talked about. Please see the "Limitations" sections.

In case of upstream projects, maintaining the service also includes collecting and forwarding bug reports to upstream development.

Many of the scripts that we use to host Codeberg can be found in a specially designated organization.

Name Status Contact Requirements Comment
Codeberg Pages Needs maintainers Repository Some call to build trust
Weblate Co-maintainers welcome Matrix: #codeberg-translate:bubu1.eu Some call to build trust
Continuous Integration Co-maintainers very welcome Matrix: #codeberg-ci:obermui.de Some call to build trust, maybe some LXC/Docker experience
Code Search @fourstepper, @yoctozepto are experimenting with potential solutions, help still appreciated Repository and Matrix: #codeberg-code-search:matrix.org Experience with related tech stacks (see Codeberg/Community#904), trust-building If you have any experience with code search and would like to participate in the team, please do get in touch!
Status Page / Monitoring Co-maintainers and innovations welcome ? Some call to build trust
Forgejo ("Codeberg.org") OK, but contributions welcome Repository Access to production machines limited to very trustworthy people Suggestions (e.g. config improvements, new features etc) and some assistance when investigating issues welcome
Hardware, Ceph, MariaDB Experience welcome Skillsharing here Access to production machines limited to very trustworthy people Feel free to work with us on specific issues, and become a regular maintainer over time