• v1.1.2 a19491cddc

    v1.1.2 Stable

    techmagus released this 1 year ago | 57 commits to main since this release

    v1.1.2 "Migration"

    Migrated our project from github to GitLab.

    • new: added role attribute (/layouts/shortcodes/image.html)
    • new: loading=lazy attribute (/layouts/shortcodes/image.html)
    • fix: representativeOfPage (/layouts/partials/schemas/schema_ImageObject.html)
    • fix: added width auto in figure to avoid very small frames in some themes (/layouts/shortcodes/video.html)
    • upd: platform default to youtube (/layouts/partials/schemas/schema_VideoObject.html)
    • upd: removed default values for -rel attributes (/layouts/shortcodes/image.html; /layouts/shortcodes/video.html)
    • upd: removed nofollow, incorrectly used and is not needed (/layouts/shortcodes/image.html; /layouts/shortcodes/video.html)
    • upd: GitLab migration and go version up to 1.18 (go.mod)
    • ref: merged about and description (/layouts/partials/schemas/schema_VideoObject.html)
    • ref: replaced hardcoded citation marks with <cite> for multilingual support (/layouts/shortcodes/image.html; /layouts/shortcodes/video.html)
    • min: markdown clean linting (README.md)