• Stable v1.1.3 dbc02d30cb

    v1.1.3 "codeberg migration"

    techmagus released this 3 months ago | 10 commits to main since this release

    Migrated our main repository from GitLab to Codeberg.

    This should fix issue #2.

    Changes since v1.1.2 release

    • new: now supports local Hugo-processed images (0390cb7f98)
    • new: CSS content-visibility and contain-intrinsic-size (e8863429b3)
    • upd: switched file extension to webp format (098407bd9e)
    • upd: moved getresources code as a partial (9b01ac4f96)
    • ref: added anonymous attribute to iframe for COEP (e051cabce0)
    • ref: moved mediatypes and outputformats as separate config files (4ae4787d73)
    • ref: converted range to apply (9212a615d9)
    • fix: image URLs has to be absolute to make it work in atom and rss feeds (3ca6d8ea9c)
    • fix: sameAs (30f1202cd9)
    • fix: image width to 100% to contain the image in our container (268892aaac)
    • fix: reverted .png to image/png (10914d54c2)
    • fix: attrib link for cover image (dd8ae28a99)
    • fix: .gif links (95c3584c4f)
    • fix: parsing error (0ed5633241)
    • fix: markdown indent (95b9c54e0d)
    • fix: workaround to nested shortcode markdownify/RenderString (8fa3dfd8f7)
  • Stable v1.1.2 a19491cddc


    techmagus released this 12 months ago | 0 commits to a19491cddc7b6ee1c1f12a93b7ac1f97ebdf83ca since this release

    v1.1.2 "Migration"

    Migrated our project from github to GitLab.

    • new: added role attribute (/layouts/shortcodes/image.html)
    • new: loading=lazy attribute (/layouts/shortcodes/image.html)
    • fix: representativeOfPage (/layouts/partials/schemas/schema_ImageObject.html)
    • fix: added width auto in figure to avoid very small frames in some themes (/layouts/shortcodes/video.html)
    • upd: platform default to youtube (/layouts/partials/schemas/schema_VideoObject.html)
    • upd: removed default values for -rel attributes (/layouts/shortcodes/image.html; /layouts/shortcodes/video.html)
    • upd: removed nofollow, incorrectly used and is not needed (/layouts/shortcodes/image.html; /layouts/shortcodes/video.html)
    • upd: GitLab migration and go version up to 1.18 (go.mod)
    • ref: merged about and description (/layouts/partials/schemas/schema_VideoObject.html)
    • ref: replaced hardcoded citation marks with <cite> for multilingual support (/layouts/shortcodes/image.html; /layouts/shortcodes/video.html)
    • min: markdown clean linting (README.md)
  • Stable v1.1.1 e40c9aeba6


    techmagus released this 12 months ago | 0 commits to e40c9aeba6cb95ad0a929729b367865491c8219d since this release

    (note: This is a re-release due to manual migration from github to GitLab.)


    A minor release to enable Zenodo DOI integration. (See: Referencing and citing content)

    No changes.


    is a fix and new feature release.

    • fix: missing stylesheet
    • fix: missing shortcode for images
    • new: Vimeo support
    • new: Documentation website

    What's Changed

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/YourOnly-One/hugo-semantic-web/compare/v1.0.0...v1.1.0

    Release trivia

    ᜐᜎᜋᜆ᜔ (salamat) is the Filipino word for the English "thank you". Like in our first release, we continue to thank everyone who deserves it.


    SemWeb v1.0.0: 감사합니다 (gamsahabnida) means "thank you" in Korean. This first release comes with a lot of "thank you". We all have a lot to thank about and these are a few for this project:

    • Thank you for and to the great devs of Hugo and the never tiring contributors.
    • Thank you for the very useful documentation about Hugo and Schema.org Vocabulary.
    • Thank you for the good health which keeps us all going.
    • And the most important, thank you for the life and to The Most High.

    I hope you find this useful in your Hugo-powered websites.