Simple, usable and end-to-end encrypted URL shortener written in Node.js
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# Sample env file for yeeturl
# The MongoDB URL you want to use to store data.
# Format: mongodb://[username:password@]host1[:port1][,...hostN[:portN]][/[defaultauthdb][?options]]
# Easier to understand format:
# mongodb://
# mongodb://
# This will make sure it's really needed to use dotenv. Don't touch this, and see lines 2 and 3 in index.js for more details.
# The port on which the app will run.
# Don't go below 1024 unless you are running the app as root (don't do that!)
# The default is 3000. If you need to change this, uncomment the line below (remove the #) and change the port.
# See