Owncast terminal client
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Owncast terminal client

Project in beta: expect bugs! Do raise an issue or send a message to the #wowncast:irc.libera.chat IRC channel.


  • Manage Owncast subscriptions from the terminal
  • Check which Owncast subscriptions are currently streaming
  • Directly open the stream in your preferred media player or in the browser

Tested on Linux but should work on Windows and macOS as well.

Getting started


Using pre-compiled binaries

The project has a pre-compiled linux/amd64 binary for immediate download in the Releases section.

For other OS or architecture, compile from source.

Compiling from source

Run the following commands (assuming you have dart installed already):

git clone https://codeberg.org/yarmo/wowncast.git
cd wowncast
dart pub get
dart compile exe bin/wowncast.dart -o wowncast

You now have a binary named wowncast, which you could either run directly or move into a specialized folder:

# On linux
sudo mv wowncast /usr/bin/wowncast

Bash tab completion

To enable bash tab completion, run:

sudo cp assets/wowncast-completion.bash /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/wowncast

Please note that due to a quirk of bash tab completion, it only works when using quotation marks:

# This will show suggestions :)
wowncast watch "https://
# This will not show suggestions :(
wowncast watch https://

Integrate with rofi (linux)

wowcast integrates nicely with the application launcher rofi by following these steps.

Write the script ~/.local/bin/rofi_wowncast.sh:


if [[ $1 ]]; then
	url=$(echo $1 | awk -F'(' '{print $NF}' | sed '$ s/.$//')
	~/.local/bin/wowncast watch $url > /dev/null &
	~/.local/bin/wowncast check -l | sed 's/  //;'


Add a new Owncast to follow:

wowncast add https://watch.owncast.online

Check which Owncast instances are currently streaming:

wowncast check

Watch an Owncast instance in the configured media player (mpv by default):

wowncast watch https://watch.owncast.online

Watch an Owncast instance in the preferred browser:

wowncast browser https://watch.owncast.online

To get help:

wowncast --help

To modify the configuration, edit the file at ~/.config/wowncast/config.toml.

A config file can look somewhat like this:

player = 'mpv'
instances = [

To use a different configuration file, specify it using the -c option.

Additional information

The wowncast project is licensed under GPL-3.0-or-later.

wowncast is largely inspired by wtwitch.

wowncast is not associated with the Owncast project.

All contributions are welcome: PRs, bug reports, feature suggestions :)