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How to contribute to Escapepod
### Report a bug or suggest a new feature
Bugs and new features are being discussed in the [Issue Tracker](
### Help with translations
Translations are managed on [Weblate]( You can help out by refining the existing translations, or by submitting new languages.
### Submit your own solutions
Help is very welcome. Be it in the form of code, or artwork, or enhancements to the website, or tutorial videos, or whatever.
**But please** suggest new features or enhancements in advance in the [Issue Tracker]( before implementing them. The issue [⚠️🚧 Previous discussions and feature requests #readmefirst]( is probably a good starting point, if you want to know what kind of features are desired / controversial.
### Credit for your contributions
Contributors - like the main translators for a certain language - are listed as co-authors of this project in []( Bonus: If you are on this list, you are automatically eligible for a free German beverage.
To be redeemed in Stuttgart.