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How to contribute to Escapepod

Report a bug or suggest a new feature

Bugs and new features are being discussed in the Issue Tracker.

Help with translations

Translations are managed on Weblate. You can help out by refining the existing translations, or by submitting new languages.

Submit your own solutions

Help is very welcome. Be it in the form of code, or artwork, or enhancements to the website, or tutorial videos, or whatever. But please suggest new features or enhancements in advance in the Issue Tracker before implementing them. The issue ⚠️🚧 Previous discussions and feature requests #readmefirst is probably a good starting point, if you want to know what kind of features are desired / controversial.

Credit for your contributions

Contributors - like the main translators for a certain language - are listed as co-authors of this project in []( Bonus: If you are on this list, you are automatically eligible for a free German beverage. To be redeemed in Stuttgart.