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This repository has been archived on 2022-08-01. You can view files and clone it, but cannot push or open issues/pull-requests.
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Repository archived and retired, website will not be fixed for the time being

Today I noticed that the website was down. I hadn't opened it in ages and had almost forgotten about it. This means the site could have been down for a long time, and nobody really cared.
The whole project was a learning experience for me, a fun one at that. I briefly tried to fix it, but the server was all over the place. Setting this up today, I would have done many things completely differently.
Later today, I spoke to jringo_, the person whose idea the whole project was, who was also the only funder for the project.
After brief correspondence, we decided to retire this codebase in favour of a possible future rewrite with entirely different goals. It would serve as a way to promote science, of course, along with serving as a base for a custom LBRY instance.
One possibility would be to base it off of, another fantastic community built LBRY instance project.

TLDR; This project is kind of a mess and as dev I like to rewrite shit.

~ Main dev of the project.