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Contributing to xmobar

Want to contribute to xmobar? You've come to the right place! This document will help guide you in this endeavour.

In case you want to make any non-trivial change to xmobar, it's always best to talk with the community first. Currently the best way to do that is to create an issue on Codeberg. There, you can talk through the problems you are having, as well as the proposed solution.

Making the change

It's best to create a separate branch in your clone of the xmobar repo and then push this branch to your fork.

If your pull request undergoes several iterations and master has changed in the meantime, you may be asked to rebase on top of it; in this case please don't merge any branches, but actually rebase! This is a very nifty feature that git offers in order to remain a clean history.

Give your commits descriptive names! Further, it's also highly recommended to add a description of why you made a certain change. The syntax for this is commit message, blank line, more description. For example:

  Commit Message (max. 50 characters)

  Some more useful information of why this change was made;
  possibly how it connects with other commits in this same pr
  (wrapped at 72 characters).

Opening a pull request

Once you have pushed the branch to your fork, making a pull request is as easy as visiting that branch.

Please include the following information in the description of your pull request:

  • Does your pull request close, or is related to, any existing issues?
  • What does your pull request do? If you add a new feature, an example of how you would use it would be most appreciated.
  • A brief summary of how your commits fit together to achieve this (if necessary).

Please also remember to update the changelog.md file, as well as any other documentation that your pull request touches upon. For example, if you add a new plugin you should update the plugins documentation.