A binding to the iw library for getting info about the current WiFi connection.
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iwlib is a thin wrapper over the iw C library, providing access to wireless card information in supported systems.

Bug Reports

To submit bug reports you can use the [bug tracker over at Codeberg].


Using cabal-install

iwlib is available from Hackage, and you can install it using cabal-install:

    cabal install iwlib

From source

If you don't have cabal-install installed, you can get iwlib's source code in a variety of ways:

  • From Hackage. Just download the latest release from xmobar's hackage page.

  • From Codeberg. You can also obtain a tarball in Codeberg's downloads page. You'll find there links to each tagged release.

  • From the bleeding edge repo. If you prefer to live dangerously, just get the latest and greatest (and buggiest, I guess) using git:

    git clone git://codeberg.org/jao/iwlib

If you have cabal installed, you can now use it from within its source tree:

    cabal install

Otherwise, run the configure script:

    runhaskell Setup.lhs configure

Now you can build the source:

    runhaskell Setup.lhs build
    runhaskell Setup.lhs install # possibly to be run as root

External dependencies

No other Haskell library is required, but you will need the iwlib C library and headers in your system (e.g., install libiw-dev in Debian-based systems or wireless_tools on Arch Linux).


This library is written and maintaned by Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz.


Many thanks to Leif Warner for suggesting the creation of this library and providing the initial hackage scaffolding.


This software is released under a BSD-style license. See the license file for more details.

Copyright © 2018 Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz