A convergent/adaptive app for streaming Hip-Hop mixtapes.
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A convergent/adaptive app for streaming Hip-Hop mixtapes hosted on MyMixtapez.com.
Built with Vue.js, Tauri & Naive UI.
Made with ♥.


Note: I'm still working on making Opentapes available to more Linux distros.


Releases for Linux (.deb) & Windows (x64 installer) can be found in the releases page.


Arch Linux (AUR)

yay -S opentapes-bin

Building from source

Set up Tauri and its dependencies

  1. Refer to Tauri's official documentation to install Tauri, Node.js & Rust.
  2. Install tauri-cli using cargo: cargo install tauri-cli --version 1.0.0-beta.7.

Note: This project uses Yarn 1.x as Node.js package manager. Will migrate to 2.x soon.

Installing Front-End dependencies

yarn install

Building for production

yarn build && cd src-tauri && cargo tauri build


Bug reports, pull requests, and ideas are welcomed.

Please consider donating with LiberaPay if you enjoyed Opentapes.

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