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The original files has been downloaded from

curl -O
curl -O
curl -O
curl -O

Then extracted and tested using Manjaro Arm Minimal on Raspberry Pi 4


From official repo

pacman -S i2c-tools

Cloned from AUR and built using makepkg

git clone
cd raspi-gpio-git && makepkg -is
git clone
cd python-rpi-gpio && makepkg -is
git clone
cd python-smbus2 && makepkg -is

Modify config to load interfaces

$ cat /boot/config.txt


Power Button Mode jumper pin setting

PIN setting Mode Behaviour
Pin 1-2 Default mode 1 PRESS button to Power ON from shutdown or power outage
Pin 2-3 Always ON mode 2 Power current will flow direct to the PI. NO need to PRESS button to power ON from power outage


The followining is from the retail package product folder

Power button functions

Argon One Pi state Action Function
OFF Short press Turn ON
ON Long press >= 3s Soft Shutdown and Power Cut
ON Short press < 3s Nothing
ON Double tap Reboot
ON Long press >= 5s Forced shutdown

Fan Configuration

sudo argonone-config

Default settings

55°C 10%
60°C 55%
65°C 100%

Disable WiFi and BT

$ cat /boot/config.txt