Pico-Tester is a lightweight test runner for Javascript. It is a fork of kavun by @SengitU.
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  • show a stacktrace that contains the failing test (currently its always just runner.js) (why? e.g. so it can be clicked on in IDEs)
  • provide it.only and describe.only which add only those tests to the tests to run, really handy
  • IDEA: write a codemodder that fixes beforeEach etc. and converts them into proper tests!? to become more compatible with mocha
  • Keep improving tenets!
  • Remove esm (looks like import('****.spec.js') fails in nodejs, a bug?)
  • not sure - Bundle so it can be used in any kind of setup, cjs, mjs, amd, ...
    • Provide smoke tests for ensuring reproducable setup, so no code and package.json change will break the shipped version
    • What kind of bundling and setup is needed, currently there is always a failing test
      • understand package.json config and impact better
        • do a investigate-project

version 5.0 - reduce to the max - idea is this: https://twitter.com/wolframkriesing/status/1345007544163594248

  • implement group, test, ... via index.js so it can be imported
  • provide describe+it
  • provide nested describe+it
  • async tests
  • remove reporters, formatters, etc.
  • run only on ESM
  • ensure the error stacktrace is useful to find the culprit

version 4.0

  • Move the changelog-checker into own repo (it is https://github.com/wolframkriesing/to-do-list-checker)
  • Improvement: Simplified the npm test command a bit, and use a (pure) linux command, not a certain shell
  • Render the result a bit easier to parse, use color(s), red/green or emojis like and to indicate result
  • Replace kavun with pt or pico-tester where appropriate

version 3.0

  • move tests inside lib directory, close to the source
  • BUG: make the check-todo-list (using CHANGELOG.md) script work properly (by testing it :) )
  • write tenets for kavun (like: no unnecessary dependency, as fast as possible, )

version 2.0

  • add release scripts
  • remove sinon by internal, simple spy, see #6
  • refactor test file loaders, so we can pass filter criteria as params
  • pass any number of file names of tests that shall be loaded
  • provide it and describe, and use it at least internally everywhere
  • provide xit and xdescribe
  • move to pure import (using esm) to not need require and be browser compatible
  • remove the dependency on uuid, and fix the timetracking for each test (it used to use the same timer for multiple tests)
  • make the reporter configurable
  • build a minimal reporter
  • BUG: kavun was not installable anymore, fixed