The repo to build my site picostitch.com including the generator code and the content itself.

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This is a meetup, which was started in Munich, where we are only handling JavaScript features. No libraries, no frameworks, just language features such as Promises, Generators, functions, destructuring and so on.

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Make md files runnable using the package`s environment, by running code snippets from the md file on nodejs.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Extending JavaScript's `Map` class with useful new functions.

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The source of tddbin.com

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# Repository with all Workshop Material Here you can find: - a setup for writing the tests

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Continuously Learn JavaScript. Your Way.

Updated 9 months ago

These are the katas used on jskatas.org, but they can also be used without the site to learn JS.

Updated 9 months ago

Stitch all tests together, to see the big picture.

Updated 11 months ago

In this repo I am learning ReScript one commit at a time. While I am tweeting about it in parallel :).

Updated 2 years ago

Pico-Tester is a lightweight test runner for Javascript. It is a fork of kavun by @SengitU.

Updated 2 years ago

In this repo I am just exploring a bug that I ran into when using zustand and type=module. Maybe it all turns out to just have been a problem of mine, if so great. If not I will open an issue or even better a PR in the according project.

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The blog of the jskatas page.

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my dotfiles ...

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