Send/receive files with builtin HTTP server and terminal QR code
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  • To send files: qair FILE
  • Or, to receive files: qair -u
  • Scan the QR code with your smartphone
  • Tap the download/upload button.

That's all.

No more hassle:

  • No cables
  • No dedicated mobile app: The QR barcode is standard, so you do not need to install a dedicated app on you smartphone. You can use the barcode scanner of your camera app or browser, or any QR code reading app.
  • No bluetooth pairing
  • No signup, no account
  • No internet server. qair sends the file directly from your PC to your smartphone over HTTP over wifi. Your files do not go through a server/cloud. Your smartphone usually needs to be on the same wifi as your PC.


  • Linux: Download binaries
  • MacOS X: Install rust and run cargo install qair
  • Windows: Not supported anymore. Windows clients can still connect of course.