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My personal PiHole adlists etc.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Simple script for automatic patch installation on alpine linux based systems

Updated 3 weeks ago

A collection of helpful Icinga2 plugins

Updated 2 months ago

Prometheus Exporter for file and directory monitoring

Updated 2 months ago

simple PHP URL shortener

Updated 3 months ago

Simple tool for checking a bunch of nextcloud servers, whether their Nextcloud version is supported and up2date

Updated 5 months ago

Landing page with download links for most common linux distros and more

Updated 5 months ago

Simple open-source webradio player that is based on HTML5

Updated 5 months ago

Updated 6 months ago

This is the hcloud-rdns-manager - the smart way to manage your rDNS records in the Hetzner cloud

Updated 7 months ago

OLED display daemon for Odroid HC4

Updated 8 months ago

Do you ever wanted to integrate your Prometheus monitoring into your Rocket.Chat instance? Here's your solution - let's go!

Updated 8 months ago

A simple backup script for the netcup DNS API

Updated 9 months ago

Simple Bootstrap-basierte HTML5 Landing-Page mit responsive Design

Updated 1 year ago

docker-compose stack for the nextcloud spreed high-performance backend

Updated 1 year ago