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================================[[ 7-Day Roguelike 2012 Game Specification ]]
TopDog is a Roguelike style game. The Puppy has been kidnapped by the
Fat Cat Mafioso. You travel from yard to yard, searching for the
crafty Cats holding her hostage. Along the way you meet other animals,
and perhaps a bone or two on the way.
==================================================[[ Python Tricks Learned ]]
calling a random function:
myfuncs = (foo, bar, cat) # note: no call brackets()
random.choice(myfuncs)() # note: call brackets()
setting a global variable inside a function is tricky:
===============================================================[[ Timeline ]]
Day 1: Game spec
Day 2: Flesh out classes, helper functions, and the game's state machine
Day 3: Map generation, fov, item & NPC stats + descriptions, Object interactions and inventory
Day 4: Combat and flee system, NPC AI
Day 5: Quest system
Day 6: Bug testing, UI polish and balancing
Day 7: Saved for Murphey's Law
=========================================================[[ Technical Spec ]]
Minimalism and fun, is the primary goal. Replayability is a given, with a
low learning curve. To achive this, some classic RL mechanics are simplified,
and complimentary Role Playing elements are introduced:
- A coffee-break Roguelike that can be played in no time
- walk into things to act on them: friends will start dialogue,
foes will be attacked, items will be picked up.
ranged attacks are moot (unless fido grows opposable thumbs)
- simplified inventory: carry one item in your mouth.
stepping over a second item will swap them out (prompt to swap?)
- revised: we have health points (HP). eating food resolves some HP.
- You get thirsty every x moves, and quench your thirst with water.
Has the side-effect that you need to piddle too,
to your advantage this gives bonus points ;)
- Some NPC's can have quest items linked to them,
these give us rewards and points.
- drop food near hostiles to lure them away (strategic cartesian space puzzles)
- each level fits on one screen, no scrolling minimap
- you move from one yard to another through holes in the fence
- dialogue is shown in a nice little window
- biscuits are yummy
=================================================================[[ Combat ]]
- revised: we have health points (hp), represented as bravery via red hearts. eating food resolves some HP, as does drinking water when thirsty, and crossing into other yards.
===========================================================[[ Animal NPC's ]]
the friendliness of a character is measure on a scale from dead to breathing:
- skittish: runs when approached
- neutral: 50/50 friendly or hostile
- friendly: approachable, may offer quests
- cheeky: 70/30 chance hostility
- hostile: these want your blood
(s)quirrel: skittish
(c)at: cheeky
fat (C)at: hostile. sticks near where the food is.
(h)uman kid: friendly
(H)uman: neutral
(b)ird: skittish. can fly off the map.
(d)uck: neutral. appears near water.
(p)eacock: cheeky
(r)ooster: cheeky. targets seeds
(m)onkey: cheeky. appears in trees. targets most food.
=================================================================[[ Quests ]]
- linked to a NPC on a level, these items can be placed randomly or near
another NPC of a certain type (for keeping to RPG stories)
- only friendly NPC's carry quests
List some quest stories here:
+ ...
===================================================================[[ Maps ]]
To match our theme, we opt for pre-built map templates, upon which we layer
water, bushes, NPC's and exit-holes.
Level persistence is moot: we can't enter the hole we last used
(we can't go back, a Puppy needs rescuing!)
- for variance, we can transform maps by flipping them on the cartesian plane.
- map placement order: base, plants, animals, humans, quest items
#^^^//// ~~ % %%%%%#
#^^^//// ~~ % %%%#
#^^^//// %% %#
####//// #
####//// # #
####//// # #
# # %% O
# @ # % #
@ you
# fence
O hole in the fence
: ground
~ water
% plant
* food
- plants don't block you, but reduces your vision
- a die roll chance you get stuck and don't move through the brush
=========================================================[[ Your Abilities ]]
you can detect items by scent, passing closeby it with a chance
die roll. get close enough and a scent trail might appear to to.
offset the trail dest point by +-1/1 to encourage hunting.
stand next to water to quaff your thirst
you can do this most times, and anywhere. bonus for creative targets!
what food you are holding. relieves flee mode.
========================================================[[ Functional Spec ]]
# intro screen
fade the radeocity logo onto a black screen. a doggie yelp sounds, and a
stylized dog logo zooms from behind our view to the front, a bone follows
the dog logo shortly after. the screen fades to the main game screen.
# menu screen
the first state shows the main game screen, where the map should be we see
a stylized game summary and control instructions. on the sidebar is the score
list, showing player name, points, time played. pressing space bar starts the
game. pressing escape during the game returns to this startscreen.
# game screen
first level starts with a predetermined map, but laced with scent hints
to provide a quick-start tutorial. you are welcomed, and told how to move
around. scent hints lead you through your abilities: you
you near another dog and are told to interact. she tells you the
Fat Cat Mafioso kidnapped the Puppy, and to head towards the fence hole.
your quest begins.
==========================================================[[ Game Messages ]]
- the human smells friendly
- the human pets you
- the human gives you a treat! [you wag your tail, woof]
- the human smells hostile
- the human runs away
- the human
- you crawl into the shrub
- you find a buried bone!
- you pick the bone up with your mouth