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The schulmathematik bundle provides LaTeX commands and document classes for
German-speaking teachers of mathematics and physics.
Package author: K. Wehr
Version: 1.5
Date: 21 June 2023
The schulmathematik bundle is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License,
version 1.3 or later.
Files in the doc/ subtree:
schulmathematik.pdf -- Manual (in German)
schulmathematik.tex -- Source of the manual
Files in the tex/ subtree:
schulma.sty -- Package for mathematics
schulma-ab.cls -- Document class for worksheets
schulma-gutachten.cls -- Document class for A level reports
schulma-klausur.cls -- Document class for exams
schulma-komp.cls -- Document class for competence lists
schulma-mdlprf.cls -- Document class for oral exams
schulma-physik.sty -- Package for physics
schulma-praes.cls -- Document class for beamer presentations