A Giter8 template for creating a service based upon several libraries from the Scala ecosystem, mainly the tapir library and others.
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project_name = My Service
name = my-service
organization = com.wegtam
organization_name = Contributors as noted in the AUTHORS.md file
start_year = 2020
package = $organization$.$name;format="norm,word"$
verbatim = .gitignore .scalafmt.conf *.css *.js *.jpg *.png *.svg
scala_version = maven(org.scala-lang, scala-library, stable)
sbt_version = 1.5.5
cats_version = maven(org.typelevel, cats-core_2.13, stable)
circe_version = maven(io.circe, circe-core_2.13, stable)
doobie_version = maven(org.tpolecat, doobie-core_2.13, stable)
enumeratum_doobie_version = maven(com.beachape, enumeratum-doobie_2.13, stable)
enumeratum_version = maven(com.beachape, enumeratum_2.13, stable)
flyway_version = maven(org.flywaydb, flyway-core, stable)
#http4s_version = maven(org.http4s, http4s-core_2.13, stable)
http4s_version = 0.22.5
munit_version = maven(org.scalameta, munit_2.13, stable)
#munit_ce_version = maven(org.typelevel, munit-cats-effect-2_2.13, stable)
munit_ce_version = 1.0.5
postgresql_version = maven(org.postgresql, postgresql, stable)
pureconfig_version = maven(com.github.pureconfig, pureconfig_2.13, stable)
refined_version = maven(eu.timepit, refined_2.13, stable)
tapir_version = maven(com.softwaremill.sttp.tapir, tapir-core_2.13, stable)