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Submitting a webxdc app for xdcget's default list of apps

Within the "xdcget" repository we maintain the xdcget.ini file containing a maintained, curated set of working webxdc apps, including 3rd party apps. Our base configuration is used by public chat bots which offer webxdc apps to users. If you submit an entry for your app, all such bots will make it available to their end-users.

Steps to submit a webxdc app

  • Create a tagged release on your own development repository and attach a *.xdc asset file to your release.

  • To submit your app metadata, you need to have a Codeberg account.

    Once logged into Codeberg, create a new section in our xdcget.ini and create a Pull Request with your added app metadata section.

This is the example structure of all existing webxdc app sections:

source_code_url = https://codeberg.org/my/webxdc
description = short_summary
    one or more lines saying more about the app
    including platform restrictions, porting sources. 

The following restrictions and recommendations apply to app sections:

  • A section name MUST be named like [app:NAME] where NAME is your unique app id which MUST only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters and use - as separator.

  • A section MUST contain a source_code_url field specifying the link to a public Codeberg or Github repository which in turn offers tagged releases offering an ".xdc" release asset file.

  • A section MUST contain a multi-line description field.

    The first line is the "short summary" which MUST NOT exceed 30 characters and MUST NOT have a . at the end.

    The second (and more) lines need to be indented and contain 1-2 sentences describing additional info (take inspiration from other entries) but note:

    • don't specifically mention that your app can be shared in a chat as this is true for all apps processed through xdcget.

    • mention from where your app is ported/modified from, if that is the case.

    • mention any caveats (or platform restrictions) in usage.