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966 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jan Walter 5657d8cf13 Update pixel values from this pass's photons multi-threaded. 2 days ago
  Jan Walter de29d39fd7 Generating SPPM visible points is multi-threaded now. 2 days ago
  Jan Walter 549d95032c Don't use return, but break. Fix Film::set_image(...). 3 days ago
  Jan Walter a7c385d539 In SPPMPixelListNode we can use AtomSetOnce, grid[h] needs Atom. 3 days ago
  Jan Walter 8ebba2eba4 Let's use a constructor (new) with a lifetime for pixel. 4 days ago
  Jan Walter bfdcf40de7 Try using "&'p SPPMPixel" instead of "Arc<SPPMPixel>". 4 days ago
  Jan Walter ce112c4a01 rustfmt src/integrators/ 4 days ago
  Jan Walter 2bf6342384 Let's use Vec<SPPMPixel> instead of Vec<Arc<SPPMPixel>>. 4 days ago
  Jan Walter 069a859a53 We can see the first photons contributing. Investigate the loop! 5 days ago
  Jan Walter fd088abe03 Use Atom instead of AtomSetOnce, so we can add node to start of linked list. 5 days ago
  Jan Walter 2cd51b095b Use double precision in blackbody(), make sure to update node pointer. 5 days ago
  Jan Walter 062fc7c2fd Fixing the x-y-z loop, but now tracing photons takes forever. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 148ed06559 Fix bug in GlassMaterial. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 68580a9995 Make core::integrator::uniform_sample_one_light() a generic function. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 61b7c2f262 Fix bug in UberMaterial (eta vs. index) and in Bsdf::sample_f(). 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 75c14020b1 Fix some minor problems. We still don't see photons contributing. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 863cbedf73 Removing the bottleneck for HaltonSampler, using lazy_static crate. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter f135a7cc8c Implement GlobalSampler::set_sample_number(...) for SobolSampler. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter fe5ae69281 Fix casting (after integer overflow) in hash(...) function. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter a7fc9bca4b Finish pbrt::core::lowdiscrepancy::radical_inverse(...). 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 94d8ff4854 We do need the camera in SPPMIntegrator::new() to adjust photons_per_iter. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter e71b4169a5 Finish render_sppm(...) single threaded. TODO: multi-threading. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter fe92be7ec9 We need Film::set_image(...). 1 week ago
  Jan Walter a8f0f79cf8 Update pixel values from this pass's photons. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 8f69209429 Finish code for tracing photons and accumulating their contributions. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 9cfac1911d Follow photon path through scene and record intersections. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter d6ca4b74e7 Generate photon ray from light source and initialize beta. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter a2897e39d4 We need access to Camera::shutter_[open|close]. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 230d990327 We need a light distribution to trace photons and accumulate contributions. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter b95fa12c56 Implement GlobalSampler::set_sample_number(...) for HaltonSampler. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 5f108ce3cb Can we use AtomSetOnce::set_if_none() for compare_exchange_weak()? 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 044728f638 Let's try to use the atom crate, a safe abstraction around AtomicPtr. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter a713d47928 Let's use Vec<Arc<SPPMPixel>> and access things via Arc::get_mut(). 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 12d51cbe0f Is using Arc helping us to build the linked list? 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 24c06ebed3 Add and use two private functions: to_grid(...), and hash(...). 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter b4c725544e Compute resolution of SPPM grid in each dimension. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 57758cb3f7 Compute grid bounds for SPPM visible points. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 3e05155be0 Generate SPPM visible points. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 5715a1b011 Add fields for VisiblePoint struct. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 098dda91c9 Use SamplerClone::box_clone() to call uniform_sample_one_light(...). 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 3ad430b5b6 How do we turn tile_sampler into a '&mut Box<Sampler + Send + Sync>'? 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 2bea0af238 Update crossbeam crate to latest version. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 5e6cf053df We have to implement [Halton|Sobol]Sampler::set_sample_number(...). 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 35597ed07c Call render_sppm(...), compute number of tiles to use for camera pass. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 3b1eaa5722 Start to work on issue #86 (Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping). 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 36fc8e7598 The rs-pbrt v0.5.0 provides a short text for each module/submodule. 1 month ago
  Jan Walter b9f2a16f05 Fix link to sss_dragon_pbrt.tar.gz. 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 64c9ad1643 Add Subsurface Scattering (SSS) with links to README. 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 63516c26d3 For SSS the wrong bsdf.sample_f() function was called. Fixed now. 1 month ago
  Jan Walter b9c343aff5 Copy the uv-coordinates. 1 month ago