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1007 Commits (master)

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  Jan Walter 83651ef273 rs_pbrt 0.5.2 22 hours ago
  Jan Walter f3109f5842 git mv examples/ examples/ 22 hours ago
  Jan Walter b87df4e2b9 git rm examples/; git rm examples/pbrt.pest 22 hours ago
  Jan Walter fb18bfcf0a Fix OrenNayar::sample_f(...). 1 day ago
  Jan Walter 138a13d6b9 Fix some reflection related details/bugs. 1 day ago
  Jan Walter f9983ca230 Just pop the api_state.graphics_state. No "being redefined" anymore. 1 day ago
  Jan Walter 314df14f05 "Copy on write" approach for more efficient GraphicsState management. 1 day ago
  Jan Walter de6103098b First step to implement a TranslucentMaterial (see issue #89). 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 5789abb13e Make sure to call pbrt_init() once, deal with 'Include' lines. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 2556afb171 Use parse_file(...), so we can call it several times (Include lines). 1 week ago
  Jan Walter d860539c5e TransformBegin, TransformEnd. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 17edc3e2c5 Fix filename rule. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 264edb9947 ObjectBegin, ObjectEnd, ObjectInstance, ReverseOrientation. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter d3eaddf5a5 MakeNamedMedium, MediumInterface. New Rule::empty_string. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 442a8462f9 ConcatTransform, CoordSysTransform. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 16aae6f0b0 ActiveTransform, PixelFilter, Texture. Check for Texture. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter 61509fd946 AreaLightSource, [Make]NamedMaterial, Scale, Transform. 1 week ago
  Jan Walter cf6fb98495 Can render test scene (f3-15_no_exrs.pbrt), 'Include' line ignored. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 0bb31e9667 Use slightly modified fn extract_params(...) to catch Film statement. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 5b00aa4dba World[Begin|End], Attribute[Begin|End], LookAt, Rotate, Translate. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 5b277291e3 Differentiate between 3 kind of statements, do not forget the last. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter f3e7eb23e2 Ignore trailing comments. Are '#' allowed anywhere else (e.g. in strings)? 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter be7897caa4 Collect several lines into single string before parsing it again. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 6c9e5bffc6 Keep remaining bits around, so we can parse them later. Print info. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 1cfc83993a A statement line starts with an identifier. Lets collect parameters. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter f223798b79 Count empty lines separately. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter b2ddc1e16b Find a better rule for 'Film ... \n' line(s). 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 7ef34ce7d0 Deal with WorldBegin and WorldEnd. If no TODOs start rendering. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 928a72c483 Start to separate comment lines from the remaining lines to parse. 2 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 27416fbed9 Re-write parser? 3 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 19f29b7999 Be less verbose in FourierBSDFTable::read(...). 3 weeks ago
  Jan Walter 539ac6b7a2 Update file for SPPM and Ecosystem scenes. 1 month ago
  Jan Walter dda09db4aa Using i32 instead of usize in noise_flt() and grad() fixes NaNs. 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 15ec371c73 Lets debug why we get NaNs for shading.n in ... 1 month ago
  Jan Walter d1b7e373b6 Prepare to implement WindyTexture, Fractional Brownian motion (FBm). 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 98aeb6756b Add TextureParams::find_spectrum(...). 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 6e058f8a98 Prepare v0.5.1 release. Update documentation strings for SPPM. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 23ecb91e50 Bump version of ply-rs (see pull request #87). No need for skeptic anymore. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter da87b986c0 Lets replace Atom by AtomSetOnce, once the linked list entries are created. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 0a7a2c813d Tracing photons and accumulating contributions is multi-threaded now. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 433cab8b77 Adding visible points to SPPM grid is multi-threaded now. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 5657d8cf13 Update pixel values from this pass's photons multi-threaded. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter de29d39fd7 Generating SPPM visible points is multi-threaded now. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 549d95032c Don't use return, but break. Fix Film::set_image(...). 2 months ago
  Jan Walter a7c385d539 In SPPMPixelListNode we can use AtomSetOnce, grid[h] needs Atom. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 8ebba2eba4 Let's use a constructor (new) with a lifetime for pixel. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter bfdcf40de7 Try using "&'p SPPMPixel" instead of "Arc<SPPMPixel>". 2 months ago
  Jan Walter ce112c4a01 rustfmt src/integrators/ 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 2bf6342384 Let's use Vec<SPPMPixel> instead of Vec<Arc<SPPMPixel>>. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 069a859a53 We can see the first photons contributing. Investigate the loop! 2 months ago