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  Jan Walter 5988adb169 Measure the exact time for SubsurfaceMaterial::new(). See issue #85. 3 weeks ago
  Jan Walter c3961e40dd
Merge pull request #109 from therealprof/clippy-redundant_field_names 1 month ago
  Jan Walter d8ffc68b33
Merge pull request #108 from therealprof/derive-clone 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 89f4fd03af Merge branch 'therealprof-bump-dependencies' 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 8c4f64bb18 Merge branch 'bump-dependencies' of https://github.com/therealprof/rs_pbrt into therealprof-bump-dependencies 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 05bbd05b16
Merge pull request #110 from therealprof/no-atomic-float-for-splat 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 3b555901c2 Merge branch 'therealprof-use-crossbeam-channel' 1 month ago
  Jan Walter d901d4bba7 Merge branch 'use-crossbeam-channel' of https://github.com/therealprof/rs_pbrt into therealprof-use-crossbeam-channel 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 1715cc6081
Merge pull request #105 from therealprof/rs_pbrt-binary 1 month ago
  Daniel Egger bc7d35c790 Don't use AtomicFloat for unshared splat data 1 month ago
  Daniel Egger 311416b7e6 Fixed all clippy::redundant_field_names lints 1 month ago
  Daniel Egger bc2edb4da9 Derive Clone if possible instead of manual impl 1 month ago
  Daniel Egger 11f93c8b5f Bump dependencies and refresh Cargo.lock 1 month ago
  Daniel Egger 3faab9ff04 Pick up some cheap gains by using the crossbeam_channel crate 1 month ago
  Daniel Egger 1c9952881f Turn rs_pbrt into the main binary instead of an example 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 149758e18b pbrt v0.6.2 1 month ago
  Jan Walter eef335808c Handle interaction with medium, even if no surface was hit. 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 4d459adb7c Split quads the same way into triangles as the C++ code. 1 month ago
  Jan Walter ec5737f04d Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/wahn/rs_pbrt 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 13f231fc1d [parse_blend_file] Be less verbose. 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 4a981df857
Merge pull request #103 from therealprof/de-arcify-filter 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 813fdef4da
Merge pull request #102 from therealprof/shape-struct-init 1 month ago
  Jan Walter 18628c041d
Merge pull request #101 from therealprof/deprecation-warning-fixes 1 month ago
  Jan Walter cb6b196ce7
Merge pull request #100 from therealprof/lowdiscrepancy 1 month ago
  Daniel Egger 2ca29a60c1 De-Arc-ify filter 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 46ab3054de [parse_blend_file] Store field of view (fov) angles with individual cameras. 2 months ago
  Daniel Egger 820a6cdbdb Cleanup shape struct initialisation 2 months ago
  Daniel Egger cf751d126d Fixed some deprecation warnings 2 months ago
  Daniel Egger 018862d5eb Simplified a bunch of code around in lowdiscrepancy.rs 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 1d20ee4eff [parse_blend_file] Misuse specular color for tinted glass. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 2227b1c641 Get uv-coordinates from Blender and use them for meshes. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 190ae3587e Get a file path from Blender and create an ImageTexture. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 220adb5326 [parse_blend_file] Create a DistantLight for the "sun". 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 6cfe346de7 [cleanup] Reduce number of warnings. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter eb4378138b
Merge pull request #99 from therealprof/edition-2018 2 months ago
  Daniel Egger 06a8bdc40b Edition-2018-nify codebase 2 months ago
  Jan Walter c0b45fbcea v0.6.1 2 months ago
  Jan Walter d598e54de6 Two more command line options (-c and -l): 2 months ago
  Jan Walter b7780e9d8c [parse_blend_file] Don't be that strict with names (right now). 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 579af71196 Create an InfiniteAreaLight with the HDR image for IBL. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter c8287048ad TODO: use HDR for image based lighting (IBL). 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 658290b612 IDs can contain underscores ('_'). 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 9afd8ade2d Use GlassMaterial in Blender v2.79 (and earlier) scenes. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter de0303c4b4 Use MirrorMaterial in Blender v2.79 (and earlier) scenes. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 94075da740 Use provided vertex normals if mesh is to be rendered smooth. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 703395331e Travis fails far too often. Let's try this. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter dd662395ad Check if MPoly flag indicates a smooth polygon or not. 2 months ago
  Jan Walter de7bec7590 No chache? Is that helping? 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 40531a41a5 Is the build just timing out? Is `--verbose` helping with that? 2 months ago
  Jan Walter 77df18411b Allow rust: beta to fail (for now). 2 months ago