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  • Consider which precautions have to be taken at the cable Fritz!Box to make the OpenWrt router

Setup and configuration of networks including corresponding firewalls


  • Disable root access via SSH

  • Set up the following networks and document this accordingly.

    • Local area network (LAN)
    • Wireless local area network (WLAN)
    • SmartHome (SH)
    • Guest network
    • Windows network
    • Test network
  • Set up a landing page for the guest network.

  • Set up a generally rather restrictive firewall for each network.

    • Port 80: HTTP
    • Port 443: HTTPS
    • Port 50000
  • Set up a VPN on the OpenWrt using Wireguard.

  • Optional: Set up a way to make VoIP calls via the OpenWrt.

  • Weisen Sie nach, dass sämtliche (optionalen) Meilensteine entsprechend eingestellt wurden und zeigen Sie die Dokumentation vor.

Network circle

Network identifier Network name Network color Net-ID Gateway Router Subnetmask Number of hosts Annotation
2.1 Local Area Network (LAN) GREEN 254 For devices connected with Ethernet cable.
2.2 Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) BLUE 254 For devices connected with wireless connection.
2.3 SmartHome ORANGE 254 For SmartHome devices connected with wireless connection.
2.4 Guest Wireless Local Area Network (Gast-WLAN) GRAY 254 For guests' devices conntected with wireless connection.
2.5 Windows Network (WinN) LILA 254 For Windows devices connected with wireless connection.
2.6 Test-Network (TN) 254 For Ethernet cable-connected devices for testing.