Various assorted scripts.
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Various assorted scripts, published so I don’t lose them. Use them as you will.

Script Description i3/MATE switching logic (source in ~/.profile). Small wrapper to handle cuebreakpoints, shnsplit, and cuetag. Process and fix the malformed OFX files produced by my bank. Update Route53 with the current WAN IP.
le-namesilo/ Mini NameSilo API implementation.
le-namesilo/ Certbot NameSilo Auth Hook.
le-namesilo/ Certbot NameSilo Cleanup Hook. VMF -> MAP converter. VMF -> MAP converter (circa-2009 version). Don’t use. Utility script to handle connecting a controller over usbip. Lightweight script to create a GitHub release and upload assets. Game launching script to make Steam streaming easier. Convert an andOTP JSON Backup to a LaTex file for offline backup. Convery a bunch of FLACs to ALAC (m4a).
ffmpeg/ Cut an Argonaut ASF file down to size.
ffmpeg/ Dump info about Argonaut ASF file to JSON.
ffmpeg/ Extract the embedded ASF from a BRP file.
ffmpeg/ Cut an Simon & Schuster VAG file down to size.
ffmpeg/ Cut a LEGO Racers ALP file down to size.
ffmpeg/ Pro Pinball Soundbank Utility. Puts Skvalex and ACR calls into a consistent directory format. Store SMSBackup+'d emails into a SQLite3 database. Transfer Gitea repos to a singal org.