RAFTools - A viewer/extraction toolkit for League of Legends
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A viewing/extraction toolkit for League of Legends RAF files.


  • Automated mounting of RAF files (See the filesystem as LoL does)
  • Manual "patch" mounting
  • DDS Viewing/Exporting (including Mipmaps)
  • Preliminary Wwise Soundbank extraction
  • CLI and GUI interfaces


Usage is pretty straightforward:

To run normally (as a GUI application):

java -jar RAFTools.jar

To run as a CLI application:

java -jar RAFTools.jar -console


RAFTools uses gradle for its build system, so the usual gradle commands will suffice:

/path/to/RAFTools$ gradle build
/path/to/RAFTools$ gradle run
Creating a JAR file
/path/to/RAFTools$ gradle jar


GPLv2 Only - See the COPYING file for exact license details.


At request, I am providing donation information, both PayPal and Bitcoin. Please note that any donations go to the sole contributor for the project as a way of saying Thank you and to incentivise work on the project.


Bitcoin: 16ozmnVZmmXjBtXDn2q63pKaMQzDRxekow