Zane van Iperen vs49688
Python 1 0

Various assorted scripts.

Updated 6 days ago

C 0 0

C utility library, designed with linear allocators in-mind.

Updated 3 weeks ago

A small collection of utilities for Croc.

Updated 3 months ago

Python 1 0

Downloader for Wikileak's Leaked DNC Emails

Updated 4 months ago

C 0 0

Small daemon to automatically connect MIDI devices to FluidSynth.

Updated 5 months ago

Half-Life: Static Friction Archive

Updated 8 months ago

C++ 0 0

Nimrod/A Native Optimisation Library for Nimrod/OK

Updated 1 year ago

Dump a range of a file to a C array

Updated 1 year ago

RAFTools Inibin Keygen

Updated 1 year ago

Python 0 0

Updated 1 year ago

DemonStar GLB extractor

Updated 1 year ago

AoE1 DRS extractor

Updated 1 year ago

LotR BfME 1/2/RotWK Launcher Replacements (No die-after-3-minutes)

Updated 1 year ago

Java 1 0

RAFTools - A viewer/extraction toolkit for League of Legends

Updated 1 year ago