Bot that count working hours
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import { DateTime } from 'luxon';
export interface UserData {
chatId: number;
userName: string;
isNotificationEnabled: boolean;
notificationTime: string;
timeZone?: string;
currentTimerId?: string;
ratePerHour?: number;
export interface Worklog {
started: number;
stopped?: number;
id: string;
description: string;
chatId: number;
tags: string;
isPaid?: 0 | 1;
interface MessageFrom {
id: number;
is_bot: boolean;
first_name: string;
last_name: string;
username: string;
language_code: string;
interface MessageChat {
id: number;
first_name: string;
last_name: string;
username: string;
type: 'private';
interface UserLocation {
latitude: number;
longitude: number;
export interface BotMessage {
date: number;
text: string;
message_id: number;
from: MessageFrom;
chat: MessageChat;
location?: UserLocation;
export enum ReportType {
export interface CustomRange {
start: number;
end: number;
export interface WorklogsAndDateForRange {
dateForRange: DateTime;
worklogs: Worklog[];
startOfRange?: DateTime;
endOfRange?: DateTime;