Bot that count working hours
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Telegram bot for logging time and getting reports about logged time. Created with node-telegram-bot-api

Bot id in Telegram: @WorkhoursCountBot

All interaction with bot could be maked only through Telegram.


To start bot just write /start command in bot. This will create new user.

Quick usage of commands

For quick usage of commands now all commands added in bot commands.

Commands in Telegram bot

Bot settings

Command Description Example
/set_rate Set rate of user in $. /set_rate 15
/set_timezone Set timezone. Timezone should be in IANA format. /set_timezone Europe/Moscow
/get_timezone_by_location Return keyboard with location request. Available only for mobile devices. /get_timezone_by_location

Worklog commands

Command Description Example
/start_timer Create worklog with description, tags (#) and $paid param (show is worklog will be calculated as paid) /start_timer Worklog description #MyProject $paid
/stop_timer Set stopped time to current second for worklog. If id specified will stop this worklog, otherwise will stop previously started worklog /stop_timer 9245fd3b-dcea-4696-8d89-7dfffc355fd2
/delete_worklog Delete worklog /delete_worklog 9245fd3b-dcea-4696-8d89-7dfffc355fd2
/edit_worklog Edit worklog. Works the same as start, but id should be defined by user /edit_worklog id=2d57c03d-ed16-4688-bad3-a3c93584e08c $paid New description
/create_worklog Create worklog. Works the same as start, but logged should be defined by user in seconds. /create_worklog Worklog description $paid #TM logged=500

Worklog reports

Command Description Example
/today_worklogs Get worklogs for today /today_worklogs
/yesterday_worklogs Get worklogs for yesterday /yesterday_worklogs
/week_worklogs Get worklogs for current week /week_worklogs
/prev_week_worklogs Get worklogs for previous week /prev_week_worklogs
/month_worklogs Get worklogs for current month /month_worklogs
/prev_month_worklogs Get worklogs for previous month /prev_month_worklogs
/get_worklogs_by_dates Get worklogs for dates from start to end. start and end should be Unix time /get_worklogs_by_dates start=1653414914790 end=1653414914790