Leah Rowe vimuser

has some changes in it to fiptool, see branch: fiptool_rice (this is a modification based on code from ARM trusted-firmware-a)

Updated 1 week ago

powerful multi-site static site generator written in bash, using pandoc templates to produce HTML websites from markdown files. it's the same one that generates pages on libreboot.org and fedfree.org, originally written specifically for the libreboot site

Updated 4 weeks ago

the title is a lie

Updated 1 month ago

fork of nic3-14159's util, but i openbsdified the code. puffy coding style. may or may not be pledged at some point. check the "puffy" branch

Updated 2 months ago

fork of ferass's fases found here: https://utils.vitali64.duckdns.org/FASESLINUX.html i hate using mailing lists, so i push changes to branches while tracking upstream in master. i use this to propose patches to f_

Updated 2 months ago