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<SMALL>The Current
<A HREF="filestats.html">File Statistics</A> for textfiles.com</SMALL><BR>
<SMALL>Check the bottom of the <A HREF="index.html">main page</A> for related
sites, include ANSI, audio, PDF, and others.</SMALL>
Do everyone a favor and read the
<A HREF="disclaimer.html">Disclaimer</A>.
The files on TEXTFILES.COM are maintained by somewhat arbitrary guidelines,
so if a file you're looking for is not in one section, try a few others.
Files are often in the "8+3" format, but since they're coming from all
sorts of sources, this isn't guaranteed. Our focus is on the years
1980-1995, but files from before and after sometime sneak in.
<B><A HREF="100">100</A></B><BR>
<I>No time to browse? Read my favorite 100</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="adventure">Adventure</A></B><BR>
<I>Walkthroughs and Hints for Text Adventures</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="anarchy">Anarchy</A></B><BR>
<I>Files that <B>YOU SHOULD NOT FOLLOW</B></I><BR>
<B><A HREF="apple">Apple II's</A></B><BR>
<I>Apple II Technical and Lore</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="art">Artwork</A></B><BR>
<I>Various ASCII Artwork/Illustrations</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="bbs">BBS</A></B><BR>
<I>Running and Using Bulletin Boards</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="computers">Computers</A></B><BR>
<I>General Computer-Related Files</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="conspiracy">Conspiracy</A></B><BR>
<I>They're All Out To Get You</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="drugs">Drugs</A></B><BR>
<I>An unnecessary amount of Drug information</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="etext">E-Texts</A></B><BR>
<I>The Classics Meet ASCII</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="food">Food</A></B><BR>
<I>Food and Eating</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="fun">Fun</A></B><BR>
<I>A Weird Grab Bag of Oddness</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="games">Games</A></B><BR>
<I>Information Files on Home and Arcade Games</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="groups">Groups</A></B><BR>
<I>Textfile Writer Collectives</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="hacking">Hack</A></B><BR>
<I>The seamy underside of, well, Everything</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="hamradio">Ham Radio</A></B><BR>
<I>Ham Radio Operation Information, sort of</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="holiday">Holiday</A></B><BR>
<I>Files evoking a Holiday Spirit</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="humor">Humor</A></B><BR>
<I>Many, many attempts at being Funny</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="internet">Internet</A></B><BR>
<I>You're Soaking In It</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="law">Law</A></B><BR>
<I>Textfiles recounting laws or their application</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="magazines">Magazines</A></B><BR>
<I>Collections of "E-Zines", including Phrack</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="media">Mass Media</A></B><BR>
<I>Television and Movie Minutae</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="messages">Messages</A></B><BR>
<I>Samples of message bases from different BBSs</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="music">Music</A></B><BR>
<I>Files about Music or for Musicians</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="news">News</A></B><BR>
<I>Often poorly transcribed News Stories</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="occult">Occult</A></B><BR>
<I>Textfiles dealing with alternate religions</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="phreak">Phreak</A></B><BR>
<I>Files about, from, and against the Phone Company.</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="piracy">Piracy</A></B><BR>
<I>All Hail the Warez</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="politics">Politics</A></B><BR>
<I>Files of a Political Nature</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="programming">Programming</A></B><BR>
<I>All of the Deep Geek Stuff</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="reports">School Reports</A></B><BR>
<I>Sheets for the Cheats</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="rpg">Role Playing Games</A></B><BR>
<I>Act Like Someone Else For Fun</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="science">Science</A></B><BR>
<I>And not quite Science</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="sex">Sex and Sexuality</A></B><BR>
<I>Files about trying to Make More of You</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="sf">Science Fiction</A></B><BR>
<I>Science Fiction reviews and lists</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="stories">Stories</A></B><BR>
<I>BBS User-Written Fiction</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="survival">Survival</A></B><BR>
<I>Be Suspicious, Be Worried, Be Prepared</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="ufo">UFO</A></B><BR>
<I>Files indicating We Are Not Alone, or that We Are</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="uploads">Uploads</A></B><BR>
<I>The Textfiles of Today</I><BR>
<B><A HREF="virus">Viruses</A></B><BR>
<I>Computer Viruses, Trojan Horses, and Worms</I><BR>
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Many people want to download an entire directory and sift through it
on their own time. To assist this research, most of the directories have
a file at the end that is an archive of that entire directory. It is
compressed as well, so it takes less time than downloading the files one
by one. Please feel free to download that way.
Do you have textfiles you want to donate that are not here? Send
them along to <A HREF="mailto:jason@textfiles.com">jason@textfiles.com</A>.