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Ansible playbook for is a collection of Fediverse instances targeted at outddor and nature enthusiasts in german-speaking areas.

This playbook is used to deploy the whole platform. With some modifications, it can be re-used for deploying a similar platform.

Currently, the following services are deployed:

  • Mastodon


This playbook assumes the following architecture:

  • Central database server (PostgreSQL) for all services
  • Separate host for each service
  • External e-mail gateway

The hosts shall have public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and an internal network to interconnect them. This architecture is currently tailored to virtual hosts in Hetzner cloud.


To make the playbook work, it assumes you have already installed hosts based on Debian 11, and the hosts have working DNS. Under one ase domain, the following hostnames are currently assumed:

  • db.DOMAIN.TLD for the database host
  • mastodon.DOMAIN.TLD for Mastodon
    • Alias m.DOMAIN.TLD for Mastodon's public domain

The hosts shall be accessible by the root user using SSH, and not have anything but a default Debian installation installed.