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  • hi, i'm val (they|she)

    i've been everywhere, from css and js to boot firmware. i like type systems, monads, sandboxes, kernels, protocols, parsers, simd registers, pcbs, just lots of things. don't like real numbers at all though. those are too hard

  • Joined on 2022-07-17

Caddy config adapter allowing the use of multiple merged configs with dynamic updates

Updated 2023-11-24 06:26:37 +00:00

Caddy plugin for running WebAssembly (WASI) CGI apps in-process using wazero

Updated 2023-11-24 06:13:12 +00:00

CGI implementation for Crystal

Updated 2023-11-02 07:17:46 +00:00

My website!

Updated 2023-10-26 21:31:59 +00:00

Secure offline storage and cross-device synchronization solution for TiddlyWiki 5

Updated 2023-10-18 17:18:27 +00:00

Rust crate that creates anonymous shared memory file descriptors for IPC using memfd/SHM_ANON/shm_open

Updated 2023-10-13 22:15:24 +00:00

personal configuration

Updated 2023-10-06 05:10:35 +00:00

A tiny sandboxed Dyon scripting environment for evdev input devices that lets you do e.g. xcape in Wayland

Updated 2023-10-06 05:08:09 +00:00

Actually size-optimized (~6.4 KB) async Argon2 JavaScript wrapper, powered by fully inlined WebAssembly and Web Workers, for browsers and Deno

Updated 2023-07-21 08:58:05 +00:00

Rust crate for listening to FreeBSD devd's device attach-detach notifications

Updated 2023-07-20 21:11:27 +00:00

TI LDC1312/LDC1314/LDC1612/LDC1614 inductance-to-digital converter driver for Rust embedded-hal

Updated 2023-07-20 21:09:59 +00:00

A Haskell library for the HTTP Link header as specified in RFC 5988 "Web Linking"

Updated 2023-07-17 06:10:06 +00:00

Rust data type suitable for storing sensitive information such as passwords and private keys in memory, featuring constant time equality, mlock and zeroing out.

Updated 2023-07-17 06:06:17 +00:00

Rust library for getting system information

Updated 2023-07-17 06:05:01 +00:00

A Haskell regular expressions library that doesn't suck

Updated 2023-07-17 06:00:52 +00:00