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from db import Author
def lcs(s1, s2):
if not (s1 and s2):
return (0, "")
matrix = [["" for x in range(len(s2))] for x in range(len(s1))]
for i in range(len(s1)):
for j in range(len(s2)):
if s1[i] == s2[j]:
if i == 0 or j == 0:
matrix[i][j] = s1[i]
matrix[i][j] = matrix[i-1][j-1] + s1[i]
matrix[i][j] = max(matrix[i-1][j], matrix[i][j-1], key=len)
cs = matrix[-1][-1]
return len(cs), cs
print("abcdef", "acqef", lcs("abcdef", "acqef"))
matches = []
for a in Author.select():
for b in Author.select().where((Author.id > a.id) & True):
l, ss = lcs(a.author, b.author)
if l > 0:
score = round((l/max(len(a.author), len(b.author))) *100)
if score > 50:
matches.append((f"{a._pk} {b._pk} {a.author} {b.author} {score}%", score))
for match in sorted(matches, key=lambda a: a[1]):