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# DIY Server
This series of guides covers the entire process of setting up a server with Alpine Linux, starting from the very beginning with installing the operating system and covering any topics that come to my mind or are suggested by others.
## The Basics
=> installation.gmi 01 - Installing Alpine Linux
=> documentation.gmi 02 - How to find and read documentation
=> first-steps.gmi 03 - First steps for securing your server
=> awall.gmi 04 - Building a firewall with "Alpine Wall"
Work in progress:
* 00 - Fundamentals (common symbols, using ssh, terminal basics, ...)
* Installing Alpine on ZFS
* Hosting a site over Gemini/HTTP
* Nextcloud server guide
* WireGuard VPN guide
* Making your homeserver accessible through a VPS with WireGuard
=> /index.gmi Back to the home page