Source code of the website at
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This repository contains all the source code of the website Regrow.Earth, which is built with the static site generator Zola.

Files and directories

  • config.toml
    Basic site configuration file, contains options like the website title and description, base URL, RSS settings and the nav and footer links

  • templates/
    Contains the HTML+Tera code that makes up the structure of the site

  • sass/
    Contains the site styling written in SASS, a simplified version of CSS with some handy features to make code less redundant and easier to modify

  • content/
    Contains all the Markdown documents that make up the content of the site

Run it yourself

First of all, you need to have Zola installed. You can then clone this repository:

$ git clone

Then enter the directory and make sure you are on the "main" branch:

$ cd
$ git checkout main

Now you can use Zola to serve the site:

$ zola serve
Building site...
Web server is available at

If you want to run this on your own site, you will have to make some changes in the config.toml file, as well as the site's content. You can change colours by adapting the file static/main.css.